You can ride the Brexit storm….

17 January 2019 | BlueBridge One
You can ride the Brexit storm….

Wholesalers and their suppliers are overwhelmingly in favour of the UK remaining within the European Union, despite frustrations over issues including corruption and red tape in the Brussels bureaucracy.

But businesses in the UK market have a complicated few years ahead of them. Uncertainty is the largest obstacle when it comes to the current global economy and the UK market seems to be composed of uncertainty almost exclusively at the moment. Until these agreements are settled, businesses need to continue to make changes to optimise their operations.

In order to thrive and not just survive, here’s a tip – getting your pricing structure spot on will help you cut costs and hopefully not staff.

One of the key secret weapons to help distribution companies accelerate growth is to use data to establish pricing points protecting your profit margins. For companies dependent on trade with the EU especially, the main goal should be cutting back on costs while retaining employees and sales.

The BlueBridge One Team