What UK retailers can learn from Professor Trelawney….

7 March 2019 | BlueBridge One

Look into the future my dear……

OK..so we’re not saying you should rely on a crystal ball to see what your future looks like (although each to their own) – but the endearing Professor Trelawney had the right idea. 

Looking ahead at what’s coming down the line is just plain common sense when you are running any business.  But this is particularly true for retailers.

This year, it seems barely a month passes without a much-loved high-street retailer either closing down or shutting dozens of stores, with casualties including Maplin and Toys R Us. But…retail remains the single largest private sector employer in the UK, with one in 10 people working in retail, and annual sales totalling a staggering £358bn.

However, the truth is retailers and consumers are still on very different pages.  In order to bridge the gap,you


insight to improve your decision making. So here is a little insight for you.  Oracle NetSuite partnered with Wakefield Research and The Retail Doctor Bob Phibbs to survey 1,200 consumers and 400 retail executives in the U.S., U.K. and Australia.  We’re pretty sure if nothing else you will find the results interesting, and even better useful! Download your free ‘Future of Retail’ ebook and see what is shifting in your landscape.


Important note: Just in case you were wondering….we work with retailers who want to gain the competitive edge with cloud ERP.  Specifically NetSuite. NetSuite empowers retailers to deliver on the all-important omnichannel expectation with an end-to-end solution and single commerce cloud platform that combines e-commerce, POS and order management with back office systems. Whether you are a retailer with multiple channels, brands or business models, selling across multiple regions and countries, NetSuite enables you to manage your entire business unified with a single cloud system, available anytime, anywhere.

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