12 December 2012 | BlueBridge One

I often get asked about StuiteCommerce so I thought I put together a short summary of the information available so far.

SuiteCommerce is the new NetSuite edition with many enhancements on the eCommerce side of the NetSuite platform.

There will be a new SuiteCommerce enterprise edition at the same time as many NetSuite ecommerce features being made available on existing SiteBuilder sites. The planned launch is stated by NetSuite to be part of 2013.1 release normally during Feb-March.

SuiteCommerce enterprise is built on completely new technology and will have improved performance. However we have been told that many of the SuiteCommerce features will also be made available on existing SiteBuilder websites.

One of the new features is one-page checkout, which is currently available in BETA version free of charge. However since it is still in BETA there can be some limitations that need to be tested based on individual website needs.

SuiteCommerce main new features at a glance

  • Site Navigation/Search: Faceted navigation for filtering of product and categories. Robust search on any product field or description. Fuzzy search matches on similar words/synonyms. Faceted navigation for filtering of search results
  • One-page checkout: Flexible checkout process can be changed to be any number of steps, all on the same page. Furthermore you will have full control over the design and appearance of the checkout.
  • Commerce Everywhere: Using technologies such as responsive design to adopt elements on the page dependent on the device it is viewed on. This ensures your website adopts well to different devices such as smartphones and tables.
  • Promotions and Pricing: Multiple price lists. Customer/segment based pricing. Various types of promotions/discounts/coupons. Pricing rules to specify sites, stores, customers, products and categories.
  • B2B Commerce: Invoicing and credit based payment processes.
  • Improved Performance: The new SuiteCommerce Enterprise edition is developed on an entirely new technology and as such will be faster in performance both in terms of page load and dynamic content changes.
  • My Account section: My Account pages (Customer centre) can be fully designed to any appearance you like.

More information: http://www.netsuite.com/portal/products/commerce/features.shtml

About the Author: Ashkan Parsa is the eCommerce Manager at BlueBridge One. Ashkan has been managing NetSuite eCommerce projects for the past 5 years. In his free time Ashkan runs a gadget blog and plays tennis.