We won an award – but what can you learn from it?

9 February 2018 | BlueBridge One

So our BlueBridge One South African Team recently won an award for the “fastest growing NetSuite Partner in EMEA”.  It’s a great achievement, the team worked hard and we are really proud.  

But that’s not why we are sharing this news with you.  (Sure it’s great to get some kudos, but you are busy people, running busy companies, why should you care if we win an award?  Where’s the value in that for you?).

Stick with us and all will be revealed.  We won the award because we run our business on NetSuite so we practise what we preach.   True there was blood, sweat, tears and a few hissy fits along the way as we made our way towards the end of 2017, but running our business on NetSuite meant we had visibility across all parts of our business in real-time.  From our financial reports, to CRM, operations, and even our online webstore. we were able to see all the moving parts in our business.  Having access to this data via the cloud, from any location or device, 24/7, meant we could make fast informed decisions.  That kind of decision making meant we were able to scale up South African efforts quickly and respond to the opportunities available to us.


That’s why we won the award.

As our world continues to change at a rate that is unseen before thanks to technology, the opportunity to be first to market and capitalise on opportunities is even more apparent. Disruption is taking place across every industry and organisations are facing fierce competition, evolving customer needs, and increased pressure to stay ahead of the curve.

With NetSuite you can adapt to your rapidly changing business landscape, and get real time key informational and behavioural data to help you scale fast and smart.  It is a no brainer for fast growing businesses. That’s where NetSuite comes into its own as the number 1 ERP cloud based solution for ambitious companies who are committed to success in all its glory.  It’s trusted by 40,000+ organisations around the world.

BlueBridge One are one of just three  – “5 Star Partners” in the EMEA region. What that means to you as a potential customer is that we do what we say we are going to do.  To learn more about how we grew our business, and how we help other companies do the same with NetSuite click here, have a look around.  


If you really want to cut to the chase and get some expert advice then call either of our teams in South Africa or in the UK on the numbers below.


Cape Town (SA)    : +27 10 500 8192


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The BlueBridge Team.