Using the new NetSuite StickyNotes

25 April 2014 | BlueBridge One

Sharing relevant, urgent or important reminders within the context of transactions and records used by your employees is now easier than ever with the introduction of the new StickyNotes feature in NetSuite. StickyNotes lets users conveniently share relevant and important information across your organisation. With a few clicks, any user can create and attach notes to a NetSuite record. As a result, anyone can send a reminder, ask a follow-up question, start a communication thread any write anything else online that would ordinarily require an e-mail or a pad of paper.

The feature enables you to:

  • Attach private or public notes to a NetSuite record or transaction, or to a specific field on a form.
  • Manage all your notes across record pages in one place with the StickyNotes Board. You can also sort, filter, archive, delete, reply to, and search for your notes as well as alternate between grid and list views.
  • Customise your notes to suit your preferences. You can change note colours to distinguish between high and low priority items. You can also change the note and font sizes for better readability.

Installing and Configuring StickyNotes

  • The feature is released as a SuiteApp (BETA) bundle which an Administrator needs to install and configure in your NetSuite account. Detailed instructions can be found in Help by searching on “Creating StickyNotes on Record Pages”. In summary the steps to install and configure StickyNotes are as follows:
  • Install the StickyNotes bundle. To do this go to CUSTOMIZATION > SUITEBUNDLER>SEARCH & INSTALL BUNDLES. Search for the bundle called “StickyNotes”. Click on the bundle “StickyNotes BETA” to install it.
  • If you want to make StickyNotes available to all users on all NetSuite records then go to SETUP>COMPANY>GENERAL PREFERENCES. On the Custom Preferences tab find StickyNotes BETA and select “Include All Record Types”.
  • Individual users can select their own preferences by going to HOME>SET PREFERENCES. On the Custom Preferences tab there are options for each individual user to specify their own personal preferences.
  • As part of configuration you can also limit StickyNotes to specific records, change default fonts and note sizes, as well as change the default priority names, note colour, and level of importance. To configure any of these options refer to the instructions found in Help by searching on “Creating StickyNotes on Record Pages” under the “Configure StickyNotes” section.

Using StickyNotes is very easy. Once you have enabled StickyNotes you should find the menu option “StickyNotes” alongside the action buttons on all the relevant record/s. Additional assistance is available in Help if required. Registered customers can also always contact our NetSuite support team for additional assistance.