The outlook for Wholesale Distribution in 2017

6 February 2017 | BlueBridge One

Wholesale Distribution is changing. In 2017, disruptors to the marketplace, emerging technology and rapidly changing customer expectations will continue to shake up the way that we do business – but is your wholesale distribution company built on solid enough foundations to withstand the movement?

In the months ahead, wholesale distributors will have to be flexible and well prepared, which is why BlueBridge One has compiled an extensive guide on the trends we predict will have the biggest impact this year. In ‘The outlook for wholesale distribution 2017’, we outline the challenges that your organisation may face, along with practical and actionable steps for not only surviving, but thriving during uncertain times.

The white paper examines:

  • The impact Brexit is likely to have on wholesale distribution
  • Why delivery speed is becoming a critical metric
  • A new competitive landscape, including Amazon Go
  • How to place the customer at the heart of your enterprise
  • Understanding AI and future tech, and its place in wholesale distribution

Although unpredictable economies and the rise of new competitors can make the threats seem bigger than the rewards for 2017, downloading our white paper will equip you with the realistic and workable strategies you need to keep your wholesale distribution business operating at optimum performance, whatever the next twelve months throws at you.

BlueBridge One can keep your wholesale distribution business on track in 2017

Despite Brexit uncertainty, knowing that your end-to-end business processes are operating as efficiently as they can be, and that your systems and processes are up to date will allow your wholesale distribution business to forge ahead in 2017. Implementing leading business management software will help you to stay in control and maximise your potential, regardless of the political landscape. To find out how BlueBridge One can guide you through the use of NetSuite to reach your business goals, talk to us today.

What are the trends for the wholesale distribution industry?

Download our white paper now for predictions and advice for 2017.

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