eCommerce Fraud Detector (SiteBuilder Version)

Perform a host of real-time anti-fraud checks on all web orders using MaxMinds MinFraud service. Checks include IP address geolocation and matching, proxy detection, email validation, card bank checks and, address and phone number matching. Add a fraud risk score and score explanation to all your NetSuite web orders.

Edition Supported:NetSuite
Countries Supported:All
Support & Maintenance:Included
Authored by:BlueBridge One
Current Version:2.3
Required External Service/Software:MaxMind minFraud


  • Capture IP address of each web order.
  • Automatically submits NetSuite order details to MaxMind’s minFraud service for automatic risk assessment.
  • View each order’s risk score and assessment on the order itself.
  • View detailed information on fraud check results, including:
    • Country of IP address matches country of billing address.
    • High Risk Country.
    • Location and map of IP address
    • Distance between IP location and billing address.
    • Name of ISP and ISP organisation.
    • Proxy detection and risk assessment.
    • Free email account flagging
    • High risk email and user name Flagging.
    • Match bank country against billing country.
    • Match bank name to card number.
    • Match bank phone number to card number.
    • Display card’s bank name and phone number on order (for manual checks with issuing bank; premium service only).
    • Check shipping address against database of mail drops.
    • Check customer’s phone number is in billing address area (US address only).
    • Check customer’s billing and shipping addresses matches entered postal codes (US addresses only).
    • When required, reprocess checks when further details have been gathered from customer.


  • Reduce fraud and chargebacks on all web orders.
  • Apply advanced risk management checks to all web store orders.
  • Save time by automating your risk assessment process.
  • Gather a wealth of risk metrics for each web store order.
  • Detect fraudulent orders before the payment is processed.
  • Reduce the risk of selling to a purchaser who is not the legitimate card holder.
  • Speed up order verification by performing multiple real-time fraud checks as each order is submitted.

Details Description

Integrate MaxMind’s respected and very affordable “minFraud” anti-fraud ecommerce service directly into your NetSuite web store. When customer’s submit an order their IP address and browser data is collected and submitted to MaxMind, along with order details, for fraud checking. MinFraud performs a host of anti-fraud checks on the order and generates an overall risk score and assessment to assist you in assessing validity. The risk score, assessment and other minFraud results are displayed on the order form in NetSuite. The SuiteApp includes a “card on hold” queue which automatically queues orders over a risk threshold you set for manual review. If you have already implemented a manual anti-fraud check process the SuiteApp can be integrated with this.

The SuiteApp can also extend the web store Payment page to require the customer to enter their card bank’s name and/or phone number. This information is then available on the order and is passed to MaxMind for verification against the card. This provides an additional “card present” check over and above the card security code field.

MaxMind’s minFraud service is available in two versions – standard and premium – and both are exceptionally affordable. See MaxMind Features for a list of the MaxMind’s minFraud service features.

To purchase a minFraud service click BUY NOW and you will be taken to the MaxMind site where you can purchase the service.