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March 08
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NetSuite Product Updates
Quick Fixes

Viewing unencrypted credit card details
Reversing bank reconciliations

Did you Know?
Useful Tips for NetSuite Users
Customer Referral Program
Earn 10% on any referral you give us
Featured SuiteExtenders

Auto Email Capturer New
Multi-Dimensional Dashboard Viewer New
GeoTargeter New
Nightfreight One-Click Fulfillment New

Customer Case Study

Dentocare Implements NetSuite

Customer Support
New Support telephone number

Featured SuiteExtenders
Extend your NetSuite Application

SuiteExtendersBlueBridge One's SuiteExtenders enhance your NetSuite application by providing out-of-the-box, ready-to-use components that extend the standard NetSuite application for a one-off cost to you.

Read more about SuiteExtenders + Read more

Auto Email Capture
Are you struggling to manage incoming and outgoing email in your NetSuite account?

The Auto Email Capture SuiteExtender collects employees' incoming and outgoing email in the background and saves them in NetSuite, automatically resolving the correct records to attach messages to.

Read more about the Auto Email Capture SuiteExtender + Read more

Multi-Dimensional Dashboard Viewer
Do you need to gain a real-time view of your organisation across business units?

This SuiteExtender allows you to easliy filter dashboards contents, reports and search data for different locations, departments or classes without having to create mutiple customised views, searches or reports.

Read more about the Multi-Dimensional Dashboard Viewer SuiteExtender + Read more

Do you need customers to be automatically redirected to a country specific web page when they browse for your website?

The GeoTargeter SuiteExtender enables you to redirect website or webstore visitors to a country specific landing page based on the country they are browsing from.  The script detects the user's country from their IP address and then uses this to redirect them, using a list of countries and targeted URLs which you define.

Read more about the GeoTargeter SuiteExtender
+ Read more

Nightfreight One-Click Fulfillment
Want to print NightFreight labels and track delivery progress directly from NetSuite?

The One-Click NightFreight Integration SuiteExtender allows you to print NightFreight labels directly out of NetSuite and then track the progress of the delivery directly from within NetSuite.

Read more about the NightFreight One-Click Fullfilment SuiteExtender +Read more

Record revenues to e-tailers
E-Commerce drives sales growth


Several of our NetSuite customers experienced record e-commerce sales growth in December 2007, compared with the same period a year ago.

Research by e-commerce analysts indicates that internet shopping over Christmas helped push total online UK sales up by 75%. Our customers showed a similar trend. + Read more

NetSuite Product Updates

NetSuite Product UpdatesAll NetSuite products will shortly be upgraded to Version 2008.1. Once again, this will be a phased rollout.

First to go live will be NetSuite Corporate, followed by "Early Adopters" and Solution Providers, then US Accounts and then UK Accounts.

How will you know about the upgrades?

All customers will be notified by email well in advance of the upgrade taking place. This notification will be sent to your registered NetSuite System Administrator together with details on how to access your BETA test environment. Please make sure they have notified NetSuite Support or us of any change in your NetSuite System Administrator's contact details.

Once again, we urge all customers to make use of their BETA account in order to test all key business processes well in advance of the upgrade date. Any reported issues identified in BETA accounts by customers will be given priority by NetSuite Support.

To access the 2008.1 release notes, log in to your NetSuite account and go to the Support tab. From here, select the Help tab and then "Sneak Peaks".

Quick Fixes

Viewing unencrypted credit card details
Do you need to access unencrypted data for credit card processing?

You are now able to do this provided that you sign the NetSuite, Inc addendum to NetSuite terms of service payment card industry data security requirements acknowledgement. + Read more

Bank reconciliations
Do you need to reverse or correct an already reconciled bank reconciliation transaction?

To do this, simply:
1. Go to: Reports > Banking/Budgeting > Reconciliation Summary. Note down the report date of the incorrect bank reconciliation.
2. Next, go to:
Transactions > Bank > Reconcile bank statements.
3. Then input the statement date from the reconciliation summary report.

The transactions should appear in the reconciliation. Some or all of these transactions would be checked as Reconciled. Simply uncheck them to un-reconcile them or check them to reconcile them.

Did you Know?
Useful tips for NetSuite Users

Using "Main Line" as a criteria in saved searches
Do you have problems with Save Search results returning multiple lines per transaction?

To prevent this occurring and to display one line per transaction record, add "Main line = Yes" to the searches criteria. The search results will then correctly only display two lines.

Displaying the " transactions" tab on customer records
Do you find that some user roles can't see what transactions have taken place with the cusomter?

To make the "Transaction" tab available for viewing, log in as Administrator and go to: Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles. Customise the required role by doing to the Lists sub-tab on the Permissions tab. Add "Financial history" as a line item on the Lists tab. Then save the role. If you add this role to the relevant users' "Access" tab, they will be able to view customer transaction history.

Customer Case Study
Seamless Integration Reduces Costs

Implementing NetSuite has meant significant time savings for Dent-O-Care (, and staff are now able to get a much greater level of visibility of customer buying patterns.


"The comprehensive integration provided by Netsuite removes duplication of data entry and provides management with seamless access to business critical data. Importantly in our case it has enabled use to take control of the content on our website and leverage the bulk email capabilities to cost-effectively communicate with customers, assess responses and calculate return on investment. While the system has had a modest impact on overall sales, the main benefit is that it has freed up staff time enabling them to be more pro-active in building new business."

Read more about how Dent-O-Care achieved this by moving to NetSuite. + Read more

Customer Referral Program
Benefit from our Referral Program

Referral ProgramDo you have any friends, family, suppliers or partners that you think may need NetSuite?

If so please let us know. Refer a new prospect to us and we will give you a 10% referral fee for all introductions made to us during the month of January 2008.

Customer Support
New Support telephone number

Customer SupportPlease be aware that we now have a direct number to dial for BlueBridge One support - 01932 300 007.

As a BlueBridge One customer and NetSuite User you have a number of Support options open to you. Read more about the various support options available to you. + Read more

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