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December 2007
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NetSuite Product Updates
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Mass Re-Subscribing NetSuite Records
Bulk URL Updates

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Default Document Delivery Method New
One-Click Parceline Fulfilment New
On-line Transaction Acceptance
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Customer Case Study

National Army Museum Implements NetSuite, EPOS

Top EMEA Solution Provider
Top Honours for BlueBridge One

Featured SuiteExtenders
Extend your NetSuite Application

SuiteExtendersBlueBridge One's SuiteExtenders enhance your NetSuite application by providing out-of-the-box, ready-to-use components that extend the standard NetSuite application for a one-off cost to you. + Read more

Default Transaction Delivery Method
Do some of your customers prefer invoices mailed to them while others prefer email or fax?

The Default Customer Transaction Method SuiteExtender allows you to set a preferred delivery method at a company level and at a customer level, allowing customers to receive invoice delivery in their preferred format. + Read more

One-Click Parceline Fulfilment
Want to print Parceline labels and track delivery progress directly from NetSuite?

The One-Click Parceline Integration SuiteExtender allows you to print Parceline labels directly out of NetSuite and then track the progress of the delivery directly from within NetSuite. + Read more

Fixed Assets Module
Do you need to manage your Fixed Assets in NetSuite?

The Fixed Asset module allows you to manage your fixed assets within NetSuite and incorporates many advanced features.

Online Transaction Acceptance
Are you bogged down following-up on Quotes you have sent out to customers?

The Online Transaction Acceptance SuiteExtender automates the entire process. You can now email out a Quote or Sales Order to a Customer with an attached link to your "Terms of Service" and a link for the Customer to click on to automatically approve the transaction and update the NetSuite record. + Read more


NYSE Listing



20 Dec 07- NetSuite lists on the NYSE raising more than $160 million in the process and valuing the company at around $1.5 billion.

NetSuite debuted at $26 a share nearly double the target price of $13 to $16 they disclosed earlier in the week. On its first day of trading the share closed well up at $35.50.

How will end-users benefit?

NetSuite plan to use part of the proceeds of the initial offering to setup a new Data Centre on the East Coast of the US and to extend their international rollout.


NetSuite Product Updates

NetSuite Product UpdatesNetSuite changes tact with plans to have only two major update releases during 2008 and no minor releases..

In previous years NetSuite have set out to rollout one major release per year with a number of minor update/maintenance releases taking place throughout the year.

How is this expected to benefit end-users? By cutting back on the number of minor releases per year they are expecting to significantly improve the rollout process and reduce potential issues that are regularly problematic during the release rollout. They will however continue to release "Hotfixes" as and when required.

On the roadmap for 2008:
Work Orders
Google Checkout
Edge Caching to improve Webstore performance
Merged Search and Report Functionality
Intrastat Reporting
Significantly improved Project Management

Quick Fixes

Mass Re-subscribing Customer Records
Do you have many customer records in your database which are unsubscribed from email campaigns?

Due to popular demand we now offer a service to electronically Re-subscribe NetSuite Customer records + Read more

Making your URLs SEO friendly
Having URLs which are SEO friendly is a key criteria in improving your sites positioning within search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

NetSuite offers you the ability to create your own SEO friendly URLs for web pages in your site. The "Bulk URL Update" option makes it extremely easy to bulk create/update SEO friendly URLs for all web pages with one simple process.

Did you Know?
Useful Tips for NetSuite Users

Direct List Editing:
Did you know that you can edit records in NetSuite directly from a list of records? To do this you need to have Direct List Editing enabled. You can enable it by going to SETUP > COMPANY > ENABLE FEATURES. Then on the COMPANY TAB check "Direct List Editing". Enable Editing should then appear in the top left hand corner of your NetSuite LISTs. By simply clicking on this you enable Direct List Editing for that list.

What is the benefit of Direct List Editing? Any List column that has in the column heading is editable directly from the list just as it would be in Excel. This saves you time when updating records.

Summing Amounts in the Amount field:
Did you know that you can sum any number of values in any amount field? For example input "200 + 100" in any AMOUNT field. Then press ENTER. The AMOUNT field will display "300" being the sum of the amounts.

Customer Case Study
The National Army Museum Implements Netsuite & EPOS

Implementing NetSuite has not only enabled the National Army Museum (, to establish a significant online presence in the form of its new NetSuite Web store but, because of NetSuite’s crossplatform capabilities, it also meant the charity didn’t have to migrate from its Mac environment to PCs, which would have had prohibitive cost implications.

"NetSuite’s e-commerce capability has enabled us to capture more comprehensive data on our customers, which means we can personalise our marketing more easily and accurately. Before NetSuite, we didn’t have the facility to collect this vital data" — Phil Sharp, Systems/Project Manager

Read more about how The National Army Museum was able to achieve improved efficiency by moving to NetSuite. + Read more

Customer Referral Program
Benefit from our Referral Program

Referral ProgramDo you have any friends, family, suppliers or partners that you think may need NetSuite?

If so please let us know. Refer a new prospect to us and we will give you a 10% referral fee for all introductions made to us during the month of January 2008.

Top EMEA Solution Provider
Top Honours for BlueBridge One

BlueBridge One receives top honours at the NetSuite International Partner Conference held recently in San Francisco.

For the forth consecutive year in a row BlueBridge One has been named top UK and EMEA Solution Provider of the year. + Read more

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