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11 April 2013
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BlueBridge One introduces Managed Services

Following requests from our clients, earlier this year we launched our new Managed Services package to help resource strapped client's optimise their use of NetSuite as their businesses grow. Read More...

Ever wanted to delete multiple contacts at the same time?

The only way without scripting that you can mass delete contacts is the following:

Go to LISTS > RELATIONSHIPS > CONTACTS. Enable Inline editing for the contact list. Next click on the PHONE field, then using either the SHIFT or CTRL key multi-select the contacts that you want to delete. Once selected simply hit the DELETE key and the selected contacts will all be deleted.

WARNING: Please use this option carefully as any contacts you mistakenly delete will not be recoverable.

How can I add natural language search to my NetSuite site?

The current NetSuite search solution is a basic keyword search that finds keyword matched in title or description of items.  So if you are after a more advanced natural search solution that also can find miss-spellings or different formats of the word (understand the semantics) then you will need to use a third party search plugin.  Another restriction with NetSuite search is a 500 limit in search results.

At BlueBridge One we have so far investigated two different search solutions: Nextopia and EasyAsk.

Both the above solutions will give you all the following:

  • Auto suggestions while you type in search box
  • Fuzzy logic, spell correction and related words
  • Refine-by filters

From what we have seen so far EasyAsk has a more powerful natural search engine and has full integration with NetSuite.  It will perform faster and is generally a higher-end and pricier solution.

If it is only the Refine by functionality you are after and you don’t envisage more than 500 search results for a typical search then we have developed a customisation that can achieve this.

NetSuite named as one of America's most trustworthy companies

Independent US research firm GMI Ratings has named NetSuite among the 100 most trustworthy American companies. The highly respected firm focuses on corporate governance, director/executive compensation and forensic accounting. Read the blog post

BlueBridge One introduces Managed Services for resource strapped businesses

Following requests from our clients, earlier this year we launched our new Managed Services package to help resource strapped client's optimise their use of NetSuite as their businesses grow.

Our fixed cost managed service package is designed to help meet the needs of growing organisations that simply don't have the necessary in-house NetSuite skills and expertise to continually enable them to optimise the use of NetSuite within the organisation. For these organisations Managed services address the dilemma of having to either assign the "NetSuite" role to an already overstretched line of business employee or, on the other hand, having to recruit a full-time NetSuite resource, who apart from the cost would be generally difficult to find given the breadth of specialised NetSuite skills expected.

What you can expect to get with Managed Services package are the following:

  1. A dedicated UK based project manager who meets with you monthly to identify and prioritise both system development and training needs.
  2. Access to our multi-skilled NetSuite technical team.
  3. A fixed monthly cost as determined by you based on your needs.
  4. Reduced hourly rates.
  5. Free annual maintenance (for annual contracts only).
  6. Access to our free telephone and email support.

To find out more call us on +44 1932 300 000.

More information:

SuiteExtender Spotlight

Email Auto Logger: Automating company wide email logging. Works with most email services including "Gmail Professional".

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Do you know a business that could benefit from NetSuite? Refer a new prospect and we will give you a 10% referral fee for any new introductions you make that results in a license sale.

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