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6 Feb 2014
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The rollout of NetSuite Version 2014.1 has started

All customers are expected to be on the new version by mid-April. Unlike the last release 2013.2, which was primarily a maintenance release, this new release 2014.1 promises a number of new features across the board.

Read a quick summary of some of the new features being released with 2014.1 that are specifically applicable to product companies here.

What are the pros and cons of responsive design?

A responsive website adjusts itself to different screen sizes so that it looks good no matter whether you are looking at it on a phone, tablet, or desktop.

From the point of view of the site owner, a site that uses responsive design only needs to be built once - you don't need to build a web version, a mobile version and a tablet version separately - so this usually saves time and money and is the biggest advantage of responsive design. Plus, any updates that then need to be made only have to be implemented on one site. To read more click here.

Setting up Custom KPIs with Comparatives

Setting up a NetSuite custom dashboard KPI is reasonably easy as a user but it can be quite challenging getting comparative time range data to display.

If you want to display comparative data for different date ranges (or for that matter to display the data in a trend graph, KPI meter, or KPI scorecard) then you need to setup the Saved Search as normal. Bear in mind that if you want to show summary data for example sum total amount then the Search must have the SUM type (such as group, sum, or count) defined for the appropriate field on the Results sub-tab of the Search.

In most cases this will show the KPI as expected but without comparative date range data. To find out how to do it click here.

Expanding the sales potential of Wholesale Distribution businesses

The channels through which Wholesale Distribution businesses operate are varied and there are a number of operational areas through which it may be possible to grow sales. These include Retail, Wholesale, International and Internet.

To many, the one with the most potential is the Internet. This is because internet channels not only enable Wholesale Distributors to reach consumers directly; it also facilitates expansion into retail, wholesale and international marketplaces.

To read more click here.

SuiteExtender Spotlight

Blog Manager
With this SuiteExtender you can manage all your blogs directly from within NetSuite with no third party service required. And because your blog will be hosted as part of your domain this ensures improved SEO. Find out more.


Referral Program

Do you know a business that could benefit from NetSuite? Refer a new prospect and we will give you a 10% referral fee for any new introductions you make that results in a license sale.

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