At BlueBridge One we provide a host of technical knowledge and services based around the NetSuite platform which normally involve elements of customisation relating to specific business processes and/or integration to third party systems.

Whilst NetSuite provides a wide range of methods to configure and optimise the setup and operation of the standard system, there are typically situations where standard functionality may not completely satisfy business processes or external system requirements.

This is normally referred to as ‘customisation’, ranging from simple changes to form layouts, right up to completely bespoke integrations with your partner service providers (such as 3rd party logistics).

The technology and skill sets needed to implement such customisations are wide ranging and expertise is often required. Our NetSuite technical Consultants and Developers are experienced and certified to all the required standards to achieve your development needs and business goals.


Most customers require some elements of customisation to their NetSuite account in order to ensure that it fully addresses specific business processing requirements. Generally speaking basic customisation can be performed from within the user interface by any user who has Administrator access rights. While NetSuite’s standard workflow engine is a good advanced user tool for implementing custom time based workflows more complex processes require the use of Java Scripting and the skills that go with designing, building and maintaining code based customisations. As a leading member of NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Development we can help you design, build and document best practice solutions and then support and maintain them on an on-going basis.

Typically NetSuite’s customisation platform can be used to provide the following:

  • Add fields to records and transactions. Create fields with labels and settings that make sense within your organisation. Source information into custom fields from existing field entries as needed.
  • Customise forms to include only the information you need. Create and use custom sub tabs on forms and place custom fields on those sub tabs. Add transaction item columns to line items as needed. Associate custom code you have created with specified forms.
  • Create custom records to store specific information not already defined within NetSuite. Define the appropriate entry forms for custom records. Create links to your custom records. Define parent/child relationships between record types. Create custom online forms to receive data from your customers.
  • Create custom centres and assign these to custom roles to specify which tabs and links are available for groups of similar user roles.
  • With SuiteBundler create bundles of customisation objects that can be shared with other accounts or install bundles others have created.
  • With SuiteScript write JavaScript client and server sided code that performs validations and calculations on forms, create custom portlets, schedule bulk processing of records or customise business process workflows.
  • With the Workflow Manager build custom workflows.
  • With SuiteTalk build integration to third party applications.

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Systems Integration

These days no business management system can afford to operate in isolation. Our Professional Service Team is experienced in integrating business applications and suggesting best practice solutions, and then designing and developing integration components to support these requirements. Most importantly all integration work is properly documented and maintained by us as part of our on-going support service. The typical integration services we provide are:

Links to trading partners

End-to-end business processes often span multiple trading entities. Today many of these links are manual in nature for example you may email dispatch requests to your 3PL warehouse or customers may call/email you when they want to place an order. We will help you automate these processes by creating seamless bi-directional real-time links to your key business partners systems including 3PL Warehouses, Shippers, Customers and Suppliers, thus reducing manual staffing intervention.

Integration to front-end business systems

These days no backend ERP system can afford to operate in isolation. To provide real-time reporting it requires seamless bi-directional links into other front-office business systems. For example in a retail or eCommerce environment if you hoping to manage sales and inventory levels accurately across multiple locations then both your Electronic Point of Sales system and your third party webstore need to provide real-time updates to sales and stock levels in your backend ERP. We will help you to seamlessly integrate NetSuite to other third party front-end systems.

Links to third party online services

Often third party online services provide a valuable source of real-time information that help you manage your business better. For example you may want to access to a customer’s real-time credit score before processing a sales order. In such a case it would be very useful if the real-time credit score appeared on the customer record directly in NetSuite. We provide both ready built links to third party services which we sell as SuiteExtenders and ad-hoc integration services to design build and maintain links to any online third party services of your choice.

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