BlueBridge One has an experienced team of NetSuite implementation specialists, known as the Professional Services team. They live and breathe NetSuite, they know what is under the hood, and how to access its deepest and most powerful parts.

Our NetSuite implementation consultants can help you to plan and implement your chosen solution, using best practice guidelines and help you to educate your employees on the use of your new system.

To maximise the benefits of our solutions, your existing business processes must be mapped to the appropriate NetSuite functionality. To help you meet that goal, BlueBridge One offers a productive, effective approach. We use a proven methodology when it comes to NetSuite implementation which minimises risk and supports rapid deployment in many sectors including, wholesale distribution, retail, online and fast growing environments.

Here’s how it works….

Analysis & Planning Stage

We want to get to know you and understand what it is you need to succeed. From the beginning we take a detailed look at your business processes and how they will combine with NetSuite to get the maximum return on your investment. We kick off the process with a series of preparation and discovery sessions with key stakeholders in the project and end users within your business. A clear project plan is presented which acts as a framework for the implementation of NetSuite and an important communication tool for both sides, outlining roles, responsibilities and timescales

Implementation stage

This is where the magic begins to happen, you start to see a clear picture emerging of what your business will look like once NetSuite is up and running. For each area of your business, the following key implementation stages take place.

  • Preparing your data for migration with our consultants advising the best timing and methods, with minimal disruption
  • Regular workshops will help you review the system configuration and gain hands-on experience of the process for feedback
  • Collaboratively we will complete the system configuration
  • We will identify and test key business use cases for the function area and highlight results
  • Training of your NetSuite users with best practices with take place throughout the implementation process
  • Go Live with NetSuite and BlueBridge One

Closing Stage

Towards the end of your implementation project you and your Project Manager will review the implementation, agree the proposed closing date of your project, as well as wrap up any outstanding issues setting you on your way to scaling faster and growing smarter than ever before.

Optimise Stage

After the project completes, it is important for us to review the successes and challenges of the NetSuite implementation. Often, the entire NetSuite application is not configured during the initial project, so it is important to understand the improvements that can be made in subsequent projects and that is where working with a local partner can help speed up the process. Our managed service package is often an ideal vehicle to deliver ongoing continuous enhancements following your NetSuite go-live.

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