3 August 2012 | BlueBridge One

Dog food has never tasted so good!

Unsavoury as it may sound, it seems that dog food has never tasted so good. ‘Eating your own dog food’ – AKA ‘dogfooding’ – is a term used to describe the practice where a business uses its own products within its operations and processes. The product must be used within the business to truly qualify; if the people at Pedigree Chum banned the consumption of Winalot products in its offices, it would not count as dogfooding!

Compelling reasons why SaaS businesses like to eat each other’s dog food

Many SaaS (software as a service) companies, those that host and deliver software services to customers from the cloud, seem to have developed a preference for NetSuite ERP. Now it’s true that many SaaS companies share similar business models, similar software expertise and perhaps revel in the superior value that their customers derive compared with equivalent on-premise solutions.

In some ways it may seem that they are ‘kindred spirits’ on some level. However it would be wrong to think that a sense of loyalty is driving this preference; the fact is that there are compelling business reasons why SaaS companies eat each other’s dog food.

Advantages of NetSuite are well suited to SaaS businesses

Firstly SaaS businesses are well tuned to the benefits of SaaS software so will tend to look at other SaaS providers over traditional on premise solutions.

Before you even consider the efficiency advantages of NetSuite as an ERP solution over its on-premise competitors, there are some critical advantages that it shares with other SaaS solutions. Three of these include:

  • Supports no bricks companies or those with a small footprint HQ that have remote workers
  • Supports operations and expansion into international territories by minimising the need for local infrastructure and services
  • 24/7 service with better than 99.9% availability lets employees work anywhere in the world connected to the internet at anytime

BlueBridge On is a Three Star UK NetSuite consultancy

BlueBridge One is one of only two Three Star service providers in the UK that puts NetSuite to work, helping customers obtain competitive advantage. Whether operating no bricks companies, or opening up and expanding international operations across time zones, BlueBridge One ERP helps UK companies to increase efficiency and reduce the costs of doing business with NetSuite.

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