Selling to the masses

You have a great product, you know there is demand, yet taking the next step into mass production and selling can be a daunting prospect. Making sure you have the IT infrastructure to deliver is a key driver in the outcome of your success. Don't let siloed technology keep you from innovating and improving. Satisfy your customers and differentiate your brand in a fast-moving market with BlueBridge One cloud based solutions from NetSuite.

NetSuite helps retailers of all types and sizes to innovate and focus on increasing profits and keeping customers wanting more, rather than being held back by the complexities of traditional retail software and hardware.

As shoppers and the industry dictate change, your business needs to adapt. NetSuite gives you one unified view across your entire business helping you future proof your retail empire with cloud-based solutions. With NetSuite you can scale faster and grow smarter by quickly and easily add new channels, geographies, business models and brands.

Key Benefits

  • Single platform across all channels: Online, In-Store, Mobile and call centres
  • Provides visibility across your entire business which means decisions are smart and organisations become agile
  • Repsonsive design ecommerce solution - looks good on an device, mobile, desktop or tablet
  • Delivers one single view of the customer across all channels providing real-time insights helping to grow the business and profits.

Here’s how it works…

NetSuite combines a complete set of Point of Sale (POS) features to create a compelling solution for retail businesses. This includes bringing together interactions with your brand from any channel, including marketing, to provide the 360 degree view that lets you get closer to your customers and make In-store a personalised and memorable experience.

BlueBridge One helps retail operations leverage NetSuite to deliver efficiency across all business operations. From card processing, to cash drawer management and POS hardware options to multi-level security we know how to custom implement NetSuite for your business.

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