NetSuite Platform

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is a cloud based software platform that provides a single view of a business across financials, back office operations, CRM and even marketing.

This single view on one platform helps automate your business processes, allowing you to scale faster and grow smarter. Overheads and headcount are reduced and decision making is improved as real time analytics provide the insights required to run and grow a business. The Netsuite platform dashboard helps you to monitor KPIs that are important, so focus can be steered towards the areas of a business that need the most attention. NetSuite works for organisations that have outgrown their current business systems, often because they have a number of different platforms which don’t talk to each other. This means lots of manual work, duplication of tasks and costly errors. By implementing NetSuite as one, unified system to run your business, it can help to address those issues, leaving key decision makers free to grow their business and become agile as an organisation.

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  • World’s most deployed cloud ERP
  • Used by 40000+ companies and subsidiaries
  • Fastest growing of the top 10 financial management software vendors globally by Gartner
  • Ranked Leader in their Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Midmarket ERP Applications 2017 Vendor Assessment by IDC
  • Used across 110+ countries
  • Supports 23 languages
  • Localised tax reporting for 54+ countries

BlueBridge One are expert NetSuite consultants. We help companies with NetSuite implementation, our customisations ensuring that NetSuite fits your business model, have been exclusively designed by us. We also have a range of additional SuiteApps that extend the capability of this powerful platform and help customers increase levels of productivity.

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How does NetSuite work?

NetSuite puts management in a strong position to grow their business and make smarter decisions because they have access to one unified view of their operations. NetSuite’s power lies in its cloud based integration of key business processes that traditional ERP systems lack, by combining financials, CRM, marketing, operations, human resources management and ecommerce all in one place.

What are the cost advantages of NetSuite?

Traditionally businesses use expensive on-premise servers and platforms which need replicating for each location. But with NetSuite and its cloud infrastructure you can do away with costly servers and constant maintenance fees. NetSuite operates via the cloud which means there are no onsite IT costs.
Overheads of managing the NetSuite cloud-based system are low as users can make instant customisations to reports and workflows. With on-premise systems this generally requires specific technical resources, servers, software and IT resources to manage them, plus version upgrades are generally costly, causing disruption to the business through system downtime and integrations. This often leads to customers not upgrading at all. With NetSuite your system is upgraded automatically twice a year for you at no additional cost and with just one hour down time for each upgrade.

Will NetSuite fit my business model?

NetSuite can fit any size business as its platform is totally scalable, with added customisation adapting to your business as it grows. The user interface is role based so user adoption is quick, usually in days. Management decides who sees what on NetSuite and access to reports and departmental information is entirely within your control.

BlueBridge One are experts in understanding the power of NetSuite and how it can be tailored to help our customers, not the other way around. We work within multiple sectors, with particular expertise in the Wholesale Distribution sector. NetSuite suits any type of business, but we tend to work with mid to large sized companies who are fast growing and need to scale their business.

When do you know it’s the right time to buy NetSuite?

  • Your company is growing and you want to scale fast, but in smart way with added flexibility.
  • Your company is swapping spreadsheets for important decision making outside your ERP system.
  • Your auditors are sending alerts that that your existing ERP system has risks (ie your system can not be locked down and can be easily changed)
  • You have different systems for CRM, eCommerce, warehouse management, marketing and HR, and the integration costs are high.
  • You are facing a new stage of growth where there are multiple opportunities to enter new markets or sell new products and cant get there quick enough
  • You are not getting accurate reporting or KPIs out of your ERP/CRM system and information is often static
  • Localised tax reporting for 54+ countries

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