Point of sale features to improve your in-store experience

18 November 2016 | BlueBridge One

With so many distractions surrounding us all, retailers are having to work harder and smarter to keep customers engaged in-store. Whether we have our heads down browsing our smart phone while in the queue, or we’re skipping the crowds altogether to order online from the comfort of our sofa, retail outlets find themselves facing the challenge of how to make the in-store experience more inviting, more efficient, and more cohesive.

Making sure that customers enjoy high levels of service, and that in-store concepts are interesting and involving are key ways to ensure that shoppers come back time and time again to a retail space. Here, BlueBridge One provides some ways to improve the in-store experience for browsers and buyers alike:

Transactions via mobile POS

With tablets and smart devices increasingly being used upon the shop floor, consider implementing the ability to process transactions upon them. Whilst they are already being used to present information to the customer and showcase stock, buyers are often then sent to wait in line to make their purchase. Being able to complete the entire purchase, from pitch to payment with the same member of staff who has helped them using the tablet, saves waiting time, reduces bottlenecks at till points and doesn’t interrupt the customer’s experience.

Get interactive

Encourage visitors to really connect with your brand while they’re within your premises by offering interactive activities. Providing the tools for ‘selfie taking’ and social sharing can offer a fun and memorable dressing room experience, while setting up competitions can offer talking points, rouse interest and present opportunities for capturing all important data for future marketing activities.

In-store events

Give customers more than they expected when they visit your retail outlet by holding in-store events. Whether these are flash discount days, sampling of product testers, celebrity guests, or talks and workshops, providing treats and entertainment will add value to the customer’s trip to your premises, and have them returning to find out what’s happening next.

Increase efficiencies

A sure way to promote brand loyalty is through great customer service. While we all love the convenience of shopping online, visiting a store offers the personal approach of knowledgeable and friendly sales staff. Ensure that waiting times are short, both to be attended to and to make a payment, and promote the best levels of customer care and attention throughout your organisation.

Great retailing, offline and online.

If you’d like to know more about offering the best customer experience in-store or via your e-commerce platforms, or how to build a cohesive multi-channel strategy for your brand, we can help. Visit BlueBridge One online to see how Enterprise Resource Planning software can help you to increase customer engagement, manage your business processes and back office activities, be more productive on the shop floor, and improve working efficiencies.