Optimising International Shipping: Streamlining Your Global Logistics

9 August 2023 | BlueBridge One
Optimising International Shipping: Streamlining Your Global Logistics

As businesses expand their markets beyond borders in today’s interconnected world, international shipping becomes increasingly important. For companies to succeed in the global marketplace, their shipping processes need to be optimised to ensure cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and excellent customer service. Let’s examine the essential steps to ensuring seamless global logistics and how they can be optimised. But first, what is shipping optimisation?

Shipping optimisation involves maximising efficiency and reducing costs in the shipping and logistics process. The process involves strategic planning, utilising technology, and analysing data to streamline operations and improve results, such as faster delivery times, reduced shipping expenses, and improved customer experience.


The Main Steps of Shipping Internationally:

To navigate the complexities of international shipping successfully, businesses must consider the following main steps:


Documentation and Compliance: Ensuring compliance with international shipping regulations is crucial to avoid delays and potential fines. This involves accurately preparing all required export documentation and adhering to the customs requirements of each destination country.


Customs Clearance: Facilitating smooth customs clearance is essential for efficient international shipping. Providing accurate shipment information and the necessary documentation helps expedite the process and ensures shipments reach their intended recipients without unnecessary delays, or unexpected costs.


Shipping Carrier Selection: Optimising the shipping process begins with selecting the right shipping carriers. Factors such as delivery time, cost, reliability, and coverage should be carefully considered to make informed decisions that align with business objectives.


Packaging and Labelling: Proper packaging and labelling of shipments are critical to protect goods during transit and avoid damages. Clear and accurate labelling helps ensure packages are handled correctly throughout the shipping journey.


Tracking and Customer Communication: Implementing robust shipment tracking systems allows businesses to keep customers informed about their order’s status and expected delivery date. Transparent communication enhances the customer experience and fosters trust in the business.


How do you optimise the shipping process?

Automate Shipping Operations: Utilise shipping management software that automates various tasks like order processing, carrier selection, and label generation. Automation reduces errors, saves time, and improves overall efficiency.


Efficient Inventory Management: Maintain an accurate inventory database to prevent delays caused by stock outs or backorders. Real-time inventory tracking ensures you know the availability of products for timely shipping.


Utilise Centralised Data: Integrate all relevant shipping and logistics data into a centralised system. This allows for better visibility and decision-making across the supply chain.


Negotiate with Carriers: Build strong relationships with shipping carriers and negotiate favourable rates. Consolidate shipping volumes to leverage better deals and cost savings.


Introducing OneShip: Streamlining International Shipping Made Easy

OneShip is a powerful NetSuite SuiteApp designed to simplify and optimise international shipping for businesses of all sizes. With its seamless integration with NetSuite, OneShip provides a range of features and benefits that enable companies to thrive in the global marketplace.


How OneShip Helps Optimise International Shipping:

Automate Shipper Selection: One of the key challenges in international shipping is selecting the right shipping carrier for each package. OneShip simplifies this process by offering pre-built connectors to over 50 UK and European shipping providers. By automating shipper selection, businesses can streamline shipping services and ensure that each package is assigned to the most suitable shipping carrier efficiently. This not only reduces manual effort but also enhances the accuracy of carrier selection, leading to a smoother shipping process overall.


Save Time and Reduce Costs: Time is of the essence in international shipping, and manual tasks like copy-and-paste between separate systems can be time-consuming and error-prone. OneShip eliminates this hassle by automating various shipping processes all within the NetSuite interface. OneShip’s functionality has been designed to significantly speed up the dispatch process, saving valuable time that can be utilised for more strategic and higher-value activities. This increased efficiency translates into cost savings, as businesses can ship more with fewer resources, leading to improved productivity and profitability.


Enhanced Customer Experience: Customer satisfaction is paramount in any business, and accurate and timely shipping is crucial for a positive customer experience. With OneShip’s improved shipping accuracy, errors in the shipping process are minimised, leading to happier customers. Additionally, NetSuite’s automated notification system ensures that customers are promptly notified upon dispatch and provided with real-time tracking information that OneShip facilitates. This level of transparency and communication creates a positive and trustworthy customer experience, fostering long-lasting relationships with clients.


Simplify Export Documentation: International shipping often involves complex export documentation, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. OneShip simplifies this aspect by supporting paperless trading for most shippers. This means businesses can eliminate the need to print physical copies of export documents, saving resources and reducing paper waste. By streamlining export documentation, OneShip simplifies the shipping process and ensures compliance with international regulations, making global logistics more efficient and hassle-free.


Optimising international shipping is essential for businesses aiming to expand their global reach and offer exceptional customer experiences. By embracing shipment optimisation and leveraging advanced tools like OneShip, companies can reduce costs, improve delivery times, and enhance overall operational performance. Embracing technology solutions like OneShip allows businesses to thrive in the global marketplace and gain a competitive advantage.

Remember, successful international shipping requires a combination of smart strategies, advanced tools, and effective collaboration with reliable shipping partners. By staying informed about industry best practices and leveraging technology to your advantage, you can optimise your shipping process, streamline global logistics, and conquer new frontiers in the international market.


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