Taking data process time from 3 minutes to seconds. OneShip can help you

Reduce Costs

Optimise shipping services & automate shipper selection. Ship more with less resource. Staff time better spent on higher-value activities

Save Time

Remove manual copy & paste between systems. Significantly speed up the dispatch process. Reduce time to produce labels – from ~3 minutes per shipment to a few seconds.

Customer Experience

Improve accuracy and reduce errors. Auto notify customers on dispatch and supply tracking info. Faster dispatch = happier customers


Pre-Built connectors to 50+ UK shipping providers. Built for NetSuite certified.
Take away pain of custom integration. Simplify export documentation

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    Features & Benefits

    Reduce time to produce labels - from ~3 minutes per shipment to a few seconds
    40 packages a day = 68 days per year saved
    Save staff cost, ship more & deploy staff on other activities
    Increased shipping accuracy - zero rekeying between systems
    Capture tracking info, automate emails to customers & enable staff to easily track shipments
    Order Fulfilment and Shipping
    • Connects with all major UK and EU shipping carriers.
    • Easy to use and intuitive NetSuite native interface.
    • Print shipping labels and associated documents without leaving NetSuite in one click.
    • Paperless trading supported for most shippers, eliminating the need to print physical copies of export documents.
    • Respond to shipping queries quickly by tracking shipments directly from NetSuite transactions.
    • Process shipments individually or in bulk.
    • No more manual processing in external systems.
    • Generate paper shipping documents and electronic paperless trade documents for effort free international shipping.
    • Send customs and shipment data to your carrier for improved import clearance.
    • Use OneShip service rules to automate complex carrier selection.
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    OneShip Customer Case Studies

    "BlueBridge One lead the way with out of the box integrations for NetSuite. While there were other options available, these did not suit us as they were more geared toward US carriers. OneShip was the obvious choice for PetShopBowl, it is a robust, tried and tested solution for courier labels, with a cost-effective integration and a fixed fee vs others where you need to pay per label print."
    Adam Taylor
    Founder and CEO
    "I can honestly say, One·Ship offers stress-free shipping."
    Jack Taylor
    Project Manager
    "In this industry, we have to continue reviewing our carriers and I know with OneShip, that we can continue using this and make the switch easy with minimal disruption - it’s one less thing to worry about as there will be no complex integration."
    Andrew Pugh
    IT Manager
    "For us, it’s a bit of a no-brainer really. We had sort of scoped it out via NetSuite themselves, […] but it started out at like five grand so it was just a non-starter. […] But when we were pitched at [by Bluebridge One], there must be a number of feeds going in and out of Netsuite and it was billed at £900 per year. We didn’t really need to think about it, it was quite obvious we’d make a saving."
    Ben Addison
    Director Of Finance
    "A couple of changes laterally to the picking facility [ and we have] sped up the warehouse and been able to save 25% of picking time [...] that’s what keeps maintaining the accuracy that we’ve got, it’s excellent. We’re able to keep up with everything and we’re now a bit more in control of costs."
    Nick Sutton
    Operations Manager






    *Includes ongoing support





    *Includes set-up, testing & training

    *2-4 week average setup time

    Our OneShip Customers save on average* between £10,000 - £12,000 Each Year in shipping related costs.

    *Based on admin hours, time to process, 2 shipping carriers, 100 shipments per day.
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    70+ Supported Shippers

    OneShip is the BlueBridge One NetSuite SuiteApp that allows you to connect to all major UK and EU carriers without the expense of custom integration and lets you manage fulfilment and tracking.
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