Omni Channel Commerce

Omnichannel eCommerce

What it is, why it’s important and how NetSuite can help.

In today’s tech-driven world, when the path to purchase can start or end at any time, in any location, on any device, it’s becoming necessary for companies to provide a seamless user experience across them all. Omni-channel ecommerce is a type of retail which integrates the different methods of shopping available to consumers (e.g. online, in a bricks and mortar shop, or by phone).

According to Google research, 90% of multiple device owners switch on average three times a day to complete a task. Companies that can help their customers complete those tasks seamlessly stand to gain a piece of the $1.8 trillion that cross-channel sales are predicted to reach in 2017.

This is why savvy businesses owners help guide prospects and leads through the customer journey with an omni-channel experience and gain competitive advantage. Making buyer journeys seamless, from online to instore, boosts shoppers ability to make informed choices, and embeds brand loyalty.

By implementing omnichannel ecommerce into your business you can increase sales, save time, deliver high levels of customer satisfaction, while having a one unified view of a customers inventory, orders, and buying information.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced

SuiteCommerce Advanced provides businesses with fast and engaging web stores that deliver great shopping experiences optimised for any device. Plus, SuiteCommerce unifies ecommerce with your core operational business systems—inventory and order management, marketing, customer support and financials—providing a single view of
customer, orders, inventory and other critical business data that enables personal and relevant omnichannel experiences.

  • Create relevant and personalised omnichannel shopping experiences across store, web and mobile channels.
  • Provide an optimised online experience on any device with responsive web design.
  • Expand your online business by selling through multiple brands, languages and currencies atop a single ecommerce platform.
  • Service any type of customer whether small or large, individual (B2C) or business (B2B).
  • Tie ecommerce directly to your operational business systems with a single cloud-based platform.

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