Old ERP system? Discover the hidden issues holding back growth……

17 January 2019 | BlueBridge One
Old ERP system? Discover the hidden issues holding back growth……

If it’s been a while since you last updated your business systems, don’t be embarrassed – you are not alone.

In fact Forresters predict nearly half of customers who rely on an ERP system are on releases that are two versions behind the current release, which may be four years old or more.

But why should it matter?  If it isn’t broken don’t fix it – right?  Wrong.

The fact is that the world is innovating faster than ever, but ERP installations seem to stay frozen in time. It’s hard to believe that an outdated, five-year-old ERP system can be relevant to a business in a hyperactive world. Technology has transformed the broader world of business software and consumer applications. We now interact through mobile devices and have access to cloud technology which enables rapid growth, real time insights and competitive advantages.  But many ERP systems have remained oblivious to these tectonic changes—it’s as if the iPhone was never invented, social media was a futuristic concept and connecting ERP to web channels was a kooky concept for the dabbling few.

There is nothing wrong in respecting the old, but by seeking out the new presents new opportunities not available before.  The truth is an outdated ERP will in all likelihood stunt the growth of your business (there, we said it).

But don’t fear or bang your head on your desk just yet.

Here’s what you can expect in this ten minute read:

  • Legacy ERP Drains the Innovation from Your IT Budget
  • Aging ERP Is a Drag on Business Velocity
  • Business Regulations Demand Fluidity; Brittle and Outdated ERP Fails to Keep Pace
  • Mobile Workforce Battles Immobile and Outdated ERP
  • Centralised Old ERP Hampers the Increasingly Decentralised Business
  • Legacy ERP Fails to Satisfy the Appetite for Real-Time Information
  • Stone Age ERP Walls Your Business Off from Suppliers, Channels and Customer
  • Old ERP is a Barrier Between Your Employees and Self Service

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