New TCO calculator enables companies considering switching to Oracle NetSuite see how the numbers play out

18 August 2017 | BlueBridge One

A better fit for your wholesale distribution business

If there’s one thing that might seem more challenging than migration to an ERP system for the first time, it’s changing from one ERP vendor to another.

The ERP market is contested by some of the global IT heavy hitters. Development, upgrading and increasing functionality is a continual process. Also, just like there is more than one way to skin a cat, there’s more than one way to overlay ERP onto a business and its processes.

That’s why it is well worth reviewing the marketplace to see which vendors have what to offer, and whether any of them might be a better fit for your wholesale distribution business.

An exciting time for technology

Trends such as the Internet of Things and M2M offer great potential for creating efficiencies with automation. As Big Data, Machine Learning and their siblings Artificial Intelligence and robotics continue to develop, technology watchers are in for an exciting time.

Disruptive change is becoming increasingly dominant in shaping the operating environment. Opportunities to gain a competitive advantage may sometimes only be there for the first-mover. So, ERP that provides flexibility and embraces a progressive approach to business process management and delivering customer value is a really important consideration.

The logic for wholesale distributors of regularly reviewing processes and their choice of systems is pretty clearly defined. However, one of the problems of comparing systems from different vendors is that of gaining realistic evaluations of financial advantages.

Better cost indications with the TCO Calculator and BlueBridge One

BlueBridge One now has access to a great online tool from Oracle NetSuite. The ERP TCO Calculator is a partner resource designed to facilitate the decision process for companies considering making their first move with ERP or for those considering switching to NetSuite.

One of the really good things about the TCO calculator is it provides a virtual form of evidence-based data, enabling more accurate assessment of the budgetary requirements, and facilitating more confident decision making when choosing NetSuite.

BlueBridge One is a NetSuite 5-Star Award winning system integrator that provides the services to adapt NetSuite ERP to deliver outstanding efficiency. To see how we can help you get a better indication of the costs of NetSuite, simply get in touch today.

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