23 November 2012 | BlueBridge One

Everything for wholesale and distribution in one application

NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition packages all the tools that wholesale distributors need into one convenient integrated application. Quite simply no other ERP solution provides such comprehensive support for the business processes of wholesale and distribution businesses and offers the best value by leveraging the benefits of the cloud.

End-to-end business process management

If we look at the end-to-end business process in wholesale and distribution then for many companies it looks like this:

Market > Sell > Order > Ship > Bill > Cash Management to General Ledger > Maintain > Support > Upsell/Reorder

NetSuite manages this lifecycle from one end to the other, and importantly it hands over seamlessly from one step to the next. This eliminates errors that may occur when using a manual approach while increasing speed and efficiency through automation.

Convert leads to orders, orders to shipments and shipments to revenue

One section of this lifecycle that really demonstrates the benefit of NetSuite is Sell > Order > Ship. Within the application NetSuite streamlines and simplifies this section of the end-to-end process. NetSuite automates and streamlines this by converting leads to orders, orders to shipments and shipments to revenue. Before this in the process lifecycle, NetSuite provides ecommerce and SFA (Sales Force Automation) capabilities to drive sales and marketing.

The other key benefits include the ability to monitor and manage your business; gain a real-time, 360-degree view of your customers; grow revenues, enter new markets and improve channel partner engagement and manage webstores and online business. Delivering NetSuite from the cloud means cost savings and fast ROI from reduced IT infrastructure and rapid time to market.

BlueBridge One custom fits NetSuite for wholesale distribution

BlueBridge One specialises in the wholesale and distribution market. Our extensive experience of the sector means that we are able to quickly get up to speed with your specific needs. As one of only 2 NetSuite 3 Star Award winners in the UK, NetSuite recognises our ability to tailor the solution to help customers obtain the full benefit. Why not contact us today to discuss your needs in detail?