NetSuite Version 2014.1 – New features available to all customers

4 April 2014 | BlueBridge One

Over the last two months we have highlighted some of the key new enhancements introduced in version 2014.1 for both Product and Service sector companies. By mid-April all NetSuite customers will have been upgraded to version 2014.1 so this month we review some of the general enhancements available to all NetSuite users in version 2014.1. The following are some of the key enhancements that are now available in version 2014.1:

  1. Splitting the Setup menu in “Setup” and “Customisation”
    Over the years the “Setup” menu has gradually grown fairly bulky with a lot of new menu options being added with each new version release. One of the options included a sub-section called “Customisation” which by itself has already grown quite bulky. In order to reduce the size of the Setup menu and to speed up access to the Customisation option a new separate “Customisaton” menu has been added to the top level structure alongside the Setup menu. This should help speed up access to customisation options.
  2. Statistical Journal Entries
    This new feature lets you create “Statistical” type GL accounts. These statistical accounts can then be used to as a basis for allocation income and costs. For example you may want to allocate Rent across different departments based on the square metres used by each department. With this new feature you will be able to record not only the monetary value of the rent but you will also be able to record and report on the square metres used by each department and then use that as the basis for allocating the rent across department. Bear in mind if you want to automate these allocations you will need access to NetSuite’s Advanced Financials module.
  3. Advanced PDF/HTML Templates 
    This new (currently Beta) feature allows more control over the layout and formatting of printed transaction forms. For example you can access fields from records linked to the transaction record and/or results rows from saved searches joined to the transaction record. This means you now have substantially more control over the layout and content of the printed forms and you are no longer restricted only to the current available layout and content in the columns as you were used to prior to the introduction of this new feature.
  4. New Drag and drop file uploading
    Prior to version 2014.1 each file that you uploaded to the NetSuite “File” tab had to be uploaded one at a time. Now users can now upload files into a record directly from the desktop by clicking and dragging single or multiple files to the NetSuite record in edit mode. We trust that at least some of these enhancements introduced in 2014.1 will benefit you in some way or another. We look forward to discussing the next batch of enhancements with you later on in 2014 with the introduction of NetSuite version 2014.2 which we expect sometime around September.