Netsuite for CIOs

Keep your business moving forward, drive transformation and enable innovation

Today’s CIOs have to be more versatile and more attuned to business strategy. They have to seek out innovative ways to leverage emerging technologies and business models in the value chain to improve business performance and stay competitive.

As an innovative CIO, you know that the debate around on-premise vs. cloud-based applications is over. NetSuite’s cloud based solution is delivered on a SaaS platform enabling you to take advantage of the latest technology, efficiencies and innovations, while saving time and money by shouldering the burden of maintenance and hosting—and ensuring seamless upgrades. Now is the time to lead your organisation’s move to the Cloud

Add New IT Capacity and Capabilities, Control Costs and Minimise the Risk of IT Over-Investing or Under-Investing

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Here’s an overview of the key benefits for CIOs using NetSuite

Speed of deployment

Cloud infrastructure enables deployment of mature, full-featured ERP without additional IT resources.

Globally enabled

Multi-subsidiary enabled, used in 160+ countries across 190+ currencies.

Limitless customisation and seamless ugrades

Tailor the system to your businesses processes without compromising upgrades. Customisations migrate automatically with every upgrade.

Packaged Integration

Prebuilt integration with other legacy systems through respected partners including Informatica, IBM, Cast Iron, and Dell Boomi.

Packaged Integration

Deployed by more than 40,000 organisations, receiving millions of unique logins per month. Consistent system uptime exceeding 99.97%. SOC 1 Type II compliant. PCI DSS, EU-US Privacy Shield, ISO 27001 certified, 256-bit TLS ecryption.

Disaster Recovery

Multiple data centers with mirroring and replication.

Thousands of CIOs and their teams use NetSuite

NetSuite is One cloud based ERP system encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM and ecommerce to help grow your business the smart way. While executing a business strategy or seeking new sources of revenue, NetSuite cloud business management suite takes your organisation beyond traditional software offers by streamlining operations across your entire organisation and providing one view and one solution to get real-time visibility and make smart decisions via the cloud.

Used by more than 40,000 organisation NetSuite enables fast growing companies to meet their unique needs with a single, powerful application and proactively balance risk and opportunity across business processes.

Since 2003 BlueBridge One have helped over 400 customers with their NetSuite implementation and supported them on their path to success. We were the first UK and South African partner to implement NetSuite, we have retained our 5 Star status award three years in a row, and we are one of only four partners in the UK to hold a certification as an Oracle NetSuite Commerce Partner.

Our certified NetSuite developers and consultants support companies needing to transform the way their business operates, and helped them reduced costs, whilst creating a platform for growth and fast scalability.

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