Multichannel shopping is now a way of life

15 February 2016 | BlueBridge One

95% of UK shoppers are multichannel savvy

When it comes to shopping, multichannel retail has become a way of life. A recent survey revealed that 95% of consumers in the UK now multichannel shop, hopping between several touch points – online and offline – in order to browse, research and buy.

For the digital world in particular, evolving multichannel mindsets have created new customer experience challenges. Today’s consumers expect an informative, attractive website that is optimised for whichever device they are using; they want endless aisle capabilities and a choice of fulfilment options; and they want eCommerce to blend with their bricks-and-mortar encounters, through cross-channel services such as click-and-collect.

These higher-than-ever expectations are putting multichannel retailers under pressure, as their capabilities can make or break customer loyalty. Online, for example, more than half (56%) of UK shoppers will consider switching to a rival company if their preferred retailer can’t offer the method of delivery they desire. A third of these consumers demand online deliveries in two days or less.

It has become critical for retailers to offer a compelling brand offering that not only impresses customers – it delivers on promise. Sounds simple enough, but the greater number of channels that a consumer shops through, the more complex the management model becomes. This, in turn, increases the risk of letting the customer down; either by getting the proposition wrong in one channel, or simply being able to connect the dots across the business.

One of the problems that faces many retailers in 2016 is the evolution of their multichannel model. Unlike startups, which are launching into this multimedia, multi-platform trading arena, traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers that have expanded online are having to weave together disparate operations and systems. Many started off by treating eCommerce as a separate entity, but rapidly found that this siloed online/offline approach did not work.

Serving the customer anywhere means being able to see them everywhere – and respond to the demands they are making in the context of their wider activity. Any disconnection between online and offline operations makes it virtually impossible to gain a 360 degree overview of shopper activity, and to ensure all channels are working together harmoniously, in order to profitably meet customer needs.

More than that, with so many companies achieving this integration between activity in all channels, consumers will no longer accept excuses among those who still can’t deliver a seamless multichannel journey.

Give shoppers multichannel flexibility with BlueBridge One

Responding to 2016’s multichannel savvy shoppers means having the right platform to give them the experience they crave, wherever and however they shop.

BlueBridge One is a multichannel commerce expert; we give retailers the technology to unify decision making across the business, and simplify the complexities of today’s trading environment.

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