Moving To NetSuite

Considering moving across to NetSuite?

NetSuite is a cloud based software platform that provides a single view of a business across financials, back office operations, crm and even marketing. This single view on one platform helps automate your business processes, allowing you to scale faster and grow smarter. Overheads and headcount are reduced and decision making is improved as real time analytics provide the insights required to run and grow a business. NetSuite works for organisations that have outgrown their current business systems, often because they have a number of different platforms that don’t talk to each other. This means lots of manual work, duplication of tasks and costly errors. By implementing NetSuite as one, unified system to run your business, it can help to address those issues, leaving key decision makers free to grow their business and become agile as a organisation.

Here’s our top three reasons to make the move to NetSuite.

Tried and tested

There is a lot to be said for safety in numbers. NetSuite is trusted by over 40,000 organisations worldwide, is continually voted as the leading cloud based ERP system across multiple independent review tools and ranked leader in the Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Midmarket ERP Applications by IDC. NetSuite is designed for SMEs as it is built to handle complexity and change, enabling rapid growth across multiple locations and markets. NetSuite is a proven reliable product and therefore continues to evolve and develop to exceed the needs of it’s customers giving cutting edge technology 24/7. Updates are free, twice a year with one hour down time twice a year.

Easy does it

Migrating systems across from one to another can be a headache for any business. Our team of certifed NetSuite consultants and developers have been working with customers for 15 years and have a proven methodology to get companies up and running in under 100 days from start to finish. Say goodbye to problem on site servers as you take your business to the cloud and scale faster and smart than ever before.


NetSuite customers quickly improve financial operations efficiency and productivity with a single, integrated system to handle all core processes for users anywhere in the world. They can financially close in a much more timely manner which reduces time spent investigating and resolving errors. Because information is in real-time visibility is consolidated at a summary level, and all the way down to the underlying transactional details it means less overheads, less costs and improved financials.

If you are considering making the move to NetSuite or just want to find out more, then talk to us. BlueBridge One are experts in helping companies implement NetSuite and our customisations ensure NetSuite fits your business model and not the other way around. We have just hit our 15 year anniversay this month and been awarded 5 Star Partner status for the fourth year running (what that really means is we stick to our promises). That’s 15 years that NetSuite customers have trusted us to help them grow their business using NetSuite. Take a look at what we have learnt in that time here.

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