Maximising the benefits of M2M in multichannel distribution

26 November 2014 | BlueBridge One

The Internet of Things and M2M

The Internet of Things (IoT) is slowly but surely inching nearer. A number of trends are supporting this:

  • Retailers of electrical goods such as Dixons Carphone preparing for the arrival of smart consumer electronics
  • The rapid rise of smart utilities with Demand Response as a model for reducing energy consumption and costs
  • Increasing use of M2M (Machine to Machine) communication to deliver real-time data for supply chain optimisation

More than just Connected Cabinets

Mobile based M2M is driving much of this wave of activity and interest. In the US, Verizon, and in the UK Vodafone, are two players that are driving the market. Verizon has introduced digital signage across New York City, powering the next generation of outdoor advertising. This year at Mobile World Congress 2014 Vodafone introduced the concept of ‘Smart Retail’, and showed version 2.0 of the Vodafone Connected Cabinet which reports its location, operational status and stock levels in real-time.

Berg Insight forecasts the number of mobile M2M connections in the global retail industry will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.6% during the next five years to reach 33.3m connections in 2018.

M2M in today’s multichannel is about more than connected cabinets. It could be an SKU bin in a warehouse feeding your e-commerce and retail operations, or a stock of perishables in an FMCG environment; or POS terminals integrated with your ERP system. M2M is set to play an ever increasing role in shaping the efficiency and success of multichannel businesses.

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