25 February 2013 | BlueBridge One

Successful companies break the ‘spreadsheet mentality’

The one thing that successful companies in all sectors and niches are almost certain to have in common is a solid financial footing. Often this means that they have made the essential break from the ‘spreadsheet mentality’, which is error prone and inefficient.

Instead, many will have adopted ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), a robust and capable business management system. Such systems promote accuracy and efficiency while enabling businesses to obtain intelligence in real time. Both cloud-based ERP and cloud-based e-commerce are pivotal information systems for businesses that need to respond quickly to changes in the operating environment and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Rock solid financials

To help those that want to break free of spreadsheets NetSuite publishes The Buyer’s Guide to Financial Management Software. This enables a full understanding of NetSuite’s capabilities and why it is the best cloud-based ERP solution for growing and mid-size companies. This comprehensive guide ensures that those tasked with making the numbers add up have all the essential information to make an informed decision. In short, it enables decision makers to select a solution that provides the rock solid financials needed to succeed.

NetSuite cloud-based e-commerce and ERP from BlueBridge One

The guide covers the capabilities of NetSuite Financials, which forms the core of all NetSuite ERP solutions. NetSuite Financials contains all the essential tools for growing and mid-size companies with a minimum of 1 User and up to 500 Employees. The core modules are Accounting/ERP, Inventory Management and Order Processing.

To enable NetSuite to fully meet the needs of wholesale and distribution businesses, CRM and e-commerce features are added. These include Salesforce & Marketing Automation, Customer Support, Ecommerce and Partner Collaboration capabilities plus Advanced Inventory. For larger deployments the Demand Planning module is also included.

As one of only two UK Three Star Award winners, BlueBridge One is recognised by NetSuite for its expertise and commitment to delivering customer value. With NetSuite ecommerce and NetSuite ERP custom implemented by BlueBridge One, you be sure that you get the rock solid financials you need for your business to succeed.