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Commonly asked question about setting up VAT, VAT codes, support International Trade and the general application UK VAT rules. For further information on UK VAT requirements please see

Country Code Prefix

How does NetSuite get the values for Country Code column?

Intrastat Reporting codes

How do I setup Intrastat reporting codes?

Missing Tax Periods

We getting an error message in 2009.2 since the upgrade saying we are missing tax periods.

Purchase tax code missing from item

I cannot access the "Purchase tax code" on an item record when creating a saved search or performing a mass update.

Refunding VAT only

How do I refund the VAT only on a sales transaction?

Relationship of Tax Codes to VT100

What is the relationship of Tax Codes to the VT100 boxes.

Setup VAT Filing for UK

How to setup the Vat Filing page for UK?

Shipping VAT Setup for EU trade

How do I setup VAT for non-UK trade

Support Bulletin VAT change 1 Dec 08 - sent out 27 Nov 08

Support Bulletin VAT change 1 Dec 08 - sent out 27 Nov 08

UK VAT Rate Change - 1 Dec 08

What do I need to do in NetSuite to update the VAT rate.

VAT Errors on Sales Orders

VAT is being incorrectly calculated on Sales Orders. Amount is showing as negative

VAT impact of late transactions

How do I enter a late supplier invoice (bill) which is dated prior to the start of the current open VAT period?

VAT on Foreign Trade UK

How do I set-up UK VAT for foreign trade?

VAT Rate Change January 2011

How do I install the VAT Rate Update Bundles?

VAT Reports Missing since 2010.2

VAT Reports Missing since 2010.2 update

VAT Rules for Shipping and Handling Charges

How does NetSuite process VAT related Shipping and Handling charges?

VAT submission for a period longer than a quarter

VAT submission for a period longer than a quarter using third party tool.

VT 100- The default tax period is not defined

Running the VT100 Report generates an Error Error Message: trying to run this report throws error message:-"The default tax period for this report has not been defined..."<br>