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3D Secure Verification

3D Secure is available for credit card verification in your NetSuite Web site checkout. With 3D Secure, a customer has the option to set up a password linked to his or her credit card. This password is used to verify that the person using the card is the card’s owner and protect you from charge backs due to disputed charges.
When you enable 3D Secure verification, the respective Visa and Mastercard logos for 3D Secure are added to your site, and customers are redirected to the 3D Secure site after an order using a credit card is submitted. On the 3D Secure page, the customer can enter a password, create a password, or skip the step. The customer is then returned to the NetSuite confirmation page. The order is created in your NetSuite account when the shopper is returned to the confirmation page.
In addition, a 3D Secure field is added to the transaction forms, where you can see whether an order is submitted via credit card in the Web site was verified, unverified, or skipped. 3D Secure is currently offered through SECPay.
To enable 3D Secure verification:
  • Go to Setup > Accounting > Credit Card Processing.
  • Click Edit next to the SECPay processor you want to use 3D Secure verification with.
  • On the processor’s setup page, check the 3D Secure box.
  • Click Save.
Customers are now redirected to 3D Secure’s site after submitting an order using a credit card. To test this process in your site, go to Setup > Web Site > Preview Web Site.