How multiple-channel convenience is disrupting the wholesale distribution model

11 February 2016 | BlueBridge One

Our recently published white paper: 5 trends disrupting the wholesale distribution model explores how to create a leaner, more profitable wholesale operation.

Here we look at one of the ideas in the white paper: Multiple-channel convenience

Until now, multi-channel convenience has mainly been the domain of direct-to-consumer activity, but expectations are now moving into the wholesale environment. Gone are the days where B2B orders are limited only to inbound phone call and email orders; B2B customers now crave the same flexibility and seamless customer experience as their B2C counterparts.

One of the key drivers of this trend is eCommerce. Now that shopping online has become second nature to consumers, the level of functionality demanded of a web platform is filtering into wholesale transactions.

In the B2B trading environment, though, creating online transactions is not as straightforward. Whereas there tends to be a single offer to consumers in each market, wholesalers must balance the differing needs of their customers. For example, the quantities required, reordering frequency and even price point will vary from client to client, which makes transactions much more complicated than in the B2C arena.

Therefore, wholesale companies wanting to reach the multichannel audience must invest in an eCommerce system that can provide a B2C-like experience, in order to meet customer expectations.

This is made even more challenging by the growing role of mobile in eCommerce. Mobile optimisation is critical to customer satisfaction – according to Wpromote, 16% of traffic to B2B websites already comes from a mobile device – and so wholesale and distribution companies must be able to optimise their customer journey, from whichever device and location the client chooses to interact.

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