How finance teams can get a better view of Business Intelligence

13 October 2014 | BlueBridge One

The challenge of obtaining an accurate view

Getting an accurate view of your company’s operations is often a challenge. Businesses that have grown slowly over time may have developed their systems organically, adding additional applications when required. This means data is frequently fragmented and scattered across several systems.

Spreadsheets are often used to bring data from different silos together. However these can be time consuming to put together. Without real-time links to all the source information systems that enable a global refresh of the data, such spreadsheets are out of date as soon as you have created them.

Add-on analytics tools are also an option. However, they tend to be expensive to implement, and may lack key Business Intelligence components and ease of access to make them practical.

Key components of Business Intelligence

So what are the key Business Intelligence components that finance teams need for both a holistic and detailed view of business operations?

  • Role based dashboards that deliver personalised insights to meet each finance user’s need
  • Quantitative metrics and KPIs to evaluate the success or failure of various activities within each department
  • A real-time view of KPIs across the full 360 degree operations of your business

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