Great online customer experiences are no longer just B2C’s domain

7 March 2016 | BlueBridge One

3 ways that a good B2B website can boost business results

In the world of eCommerce, B2C has a pretender to the throne. The number of B2B websites being launched has increased dramatically over the past 12-18 months, as wholesale and distribution businesses realise the benefits of being able to trade online.

However, B2B customers aren’t always offered the same slick experience as they might receive with a retail purchase. For some reason, there’s a misconception that it doesn’t matter how good a trade website looks or how well it works, so long as the price is right. This couldn’t be further than the truth.

Optimising the online experience for wholesale shoppers can have a significant impact on sales revenue – here are three key benefits greater eCommerce investment can yield:

  • Bring in more business

Time is a valuable currency in modern life, and a poor online experience can mean wholesale customers spend longer than necessary trying to place an order. Given that the bar is still fairly low in terms of B2B website performance, this presents an opportunity for companies to steal a march on the competition by creating a quicker, slicker digital experience. An easy-to-use eCommerce storefront will prove a genuine differentiator for wholesale businesses, which will lead to new customer acquisitions.

  • Increase average order value

Although B2B traders are dealing with significantly larger order volumes than their B2C counterparts (or indeed B2B customers for those who sell to both channels), there is still an opportunity to implement retail techniques to wholesale customers. Investing in an agile eCommerce platform (such as NetSuite for eCommerce) enables companies to introduce special offers based on stock availability, create cross-sell opportunities based on what’s in their online basket, and up-sell at the checkout to improve average order sizes.

  • Nurture customer loyalty

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a retail or a wholesale purchase; a poor online encounter will hardly encourage customers to come back. In the B2B environment, businesses have the opportunity to nurture positive sentiment by offering loyal customers additional benefits – such as preferential pricing. Customer data can also be used to tailor the promotions users see when they log in, to further increase their likelihood of spending more.

Ultimately, eCommerce can prove a more lucrative channel for B2B businesses, as a good website enables clients to manage their transactions independently. This way, personnel only need to deal with processing and fulfilling the order, rather than having to manage communications with the customer.

Create outstanding online encounters with BlueBridge One

In order to bring a B2C experience to B2B eCommerce, wholesale and distribution businesses need to invest in an online platform that makes the journey to purchase easy – and the fulfilment after purchase just as smooth.

As a leading NetSuite implementation partner, Bluebridge One helps B2B organisations to deliver on their digital promises with comprehensive back-end operational functionality. Not only that, but we can integrate activity behind-the-scenes with a SuiteCommerce online store, to optimise the complete end-to-end journey.

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