Hearty Welcome To The Class of 2023!

23 November 2023
Hearty Welcome To The Class of 2023!

Author – Tariro Mutonhori | Talent Acquisition Specialist

As you probably already know, we began the second year of our Training Programme in September 2023. Our BlueBridge One team is well known for saying that no two days are the same, and this specific programme is no different. 

This year, we are privileged to have 3 exceptionally gifted Interns joining us from South Africa. 

I would like to introduce you to Chulumanco Sishuba, Kean Arendse, and Nassikah Darries in this article. The three trainees, all from different academic backgrounds find themselves joining forces and taking on a fascinating journey.

Get To Know Our Interns A Little More:


Naasikah – Rising Talent in ERP Implementation 

Naasikah, a recent graduate with a BCom Financial Accounting degree from the University of the Western Cape, has seamlessly transitioned from academia to the professional world, joining BlueBridge One for the 2023/2024 training programme. Her prior work experience has facilitated this transition, and she’s now making valuable contributions in the challenging landscape of ERP Implementation.

Her journey began with a rotation in Customer Support, which she found to be a smooth and easy-going introduction. However, the move to Implementation marked a dynamic shift that she aptly describes as a “pull-up-your-socks” experience. Despite initial uncertainties, Naasikah is adapting well and is finding the role both challenging and interesting.

In balancing work, study, and other commitments, Naasikah has adjusted her daily routines. Describing her experience so far as “interesting,” she appreciates the relaxed and friendly work environment at BlueBridge One, contrary to her initial expectations of formality. The team dynamics, especially with fellow interns, contribute to a positive work atmosphere where collaboration and support are paramount.

Naasikah’s reflections on the training programme highlight its effectiveness in providing a structured yet flexible approach to professional growth. She commends the opportunity to explore various business areas, emphasising the value of not being confined to a specific department.

Her interactions with colleagues and fellow interns reveal a supportive and collaborative environment. Colleagues are readily available to assist, and the mutual support among interns creates a positive dynamic, fostering a culture of shared learning and continuous improvement.

During the initial phase, Naasikah encountered challenges in customer interactions, but with guidance from mentors, colleagues, and buddies, she navigated these hurdles successfully. Looking ahead, she expresses excitement about delving into the technical aspects of her role, aligning with her hands-on approach to learning.

Beyond her professional journey, Naasikah’s interests reveal a fun and vibrant side. A self-proclaimed pop culture fangirl, she collects physical albums, with a special love for One Direction and K-pop bands. Her choice of a CD player in 2023 adds a unique touch to her love for music.

In just two months, Naasikah has honed her skills in Excel, presentation, and customer interaction. Her growing confidence in these areas reflects the impact of her experiences at BlueBridge One.

Naasikah’s journey exemplifies the success of BlueBridge One’s commitment to nurturing emerging talents in the ERP industry, making her a valuable asset to the team.


Chulumanco – Bridging Theory to Practice in ERP Implementation

Chulumanco, a BCom Informatics (Information Systems) graduate from the University of Pretoria, has embarked on a dynamic journey with BlueBridge One for the 2023/2024 training programme. Her first two months have been marked by an enriching experience, where she not only applies theoretical knowledge gained during her studies but also explores diverse concepts within the realm of ERP.

Starting her rotation in Customer Support, Chulumanco found the experience informative and expressed a desire for more cases to work on, highlighting her enthusiasm for practical application. Transitioning to ERP Implementation, she is excited to delve deeper into the intricacies of the field, emphasising the value of asking the right questions and the guidance provided by her mentors.

Describing her experience as “eventful,” Chulumanco navigates the challenges of blending work and study, showcasing her dedication to both professional and academic growth. Despite being snowed under with tasks, she appreciates the structured team environment at BlueBridge One, finding comfort in the open-door policy that fosters accessibility and approachability among team members. She specifically mentioned, “I was surprised to see that the Managing Director is just there – reachable and talks to us and knows my name.”

Chulumanco values the structured approach at BlueBridge One, particularly praising the introduction of Mock Implementation as a valuable tool for guidance. She believes this will aid in applying knowledge and skills to future projects, emphasising the importance of receiving feedback for continuous improvement.

The camaraderie among interns is a highlight for Chulumanco. Collaborating with Kean and Naasikah, she describes them as each other’s cheerleaders, providing mutual support and making the journey more manageable.

As she explores topics in Netsuite, Chulumanco seeks a deeper understanding through various resources, including YouTube videos. The exposure to hands-on projects and the guidance of Rhys, a Principal Consultant, is enhancing her comprehension of Netsuite and its capabilities.

Reflecting on her personal growth, Chulumanco acknowledges the importance of trusting her abilities more and practising patience. She expresses a keen interest in understanding the development side of Netsuite and aims to explore the consultancy skills required for successful project completion.

Beyond work, team bonding is a significant aspect of Chulumanco’s experience. From shared snacks and meals to satisfy their varying food palates to laughs over TikTok and Instagram videos, she cherishes the connections formed during lunch breaks.

A fun fact about Chulumanco adds a vibrant touch—she is not only an avid Afrobeats fan but also a food blogger.

Chulumanco’s journey exemplifies the diverse and enriching experiences BlueBridge One offers to its interns, fostering professional and personal growth in the dynamic field of ERP implementation.


Kean – Shaping the ERP Landscape

Kean, a graduate of BCOM General with a focus on Management and Information Systems from the University of the Western Cape, is currently immersed in BlueBridge One’s 2023/2024 training program. His journey unfolds as a seamless integration of work and study, marked by enthusiasm, collaboration, and personal growth.

Within the intricately designed program, Kean adeptly manages the balance between work and study commitments. While not encountering significant challenges, the programme has transformed him into a dedicated working professional, occasionally marked by the fatigue of fruitful endeavours.

Kean finds his experience at BlueBridge One to be nothing short of exciting. The collaborative work environment fosters meaningful relationships with peers, creating a supportive team dynamic. Regular check-ins contribute to a workplace culture where accessibility is paramount.

In Kean’s words, the programme offers a rich educational experience, providing diverse learning opportunities within the system. Visual and active learning methods empower him to apply theoretical knowledge to practical, real-life scenarios. The collaborative nature of the team stands out as a cornerstone of Kean’s experience, with weekly quizzes serving as not just assessments but opportunities for bonding.

Kean finds immense value in working closely with Razvan, a Senior NetSuite Support Consultant. This hands-on experience significantly deepened his understanding of the software, contributing to his growth within the company.

Looking ahead, Kean envisions becoming a fully capable ERP consultant. His excitement lies in moving into implementation, where he can guide businesses through NetSuite, sharing his knowledge and skills with others.

Beyond the professional realm, Kean and his team engage in shared activities, from snacks to a Friday Gatsby tradition, enhancing the camaraderie among team members.

In a fun twist, Kean, when not navigating the world of ERP, showcases his skills as a basketball player. Whether throwing three-pointers on the court or immersing himself in the world of software, Kean brings a unique blend of passion and enthusiasm to both arenas.


Here’s hoping that you enjoyed getting to know a little more about our Interns. Stay tuned for the next graduate blogs which will highlight the Training Programme thrills and experiences. 

Until next time, bye for now.