Behind the Scenes: Crafting the Perfect Training Experience at BlueBridge One

11 October 2023
Behind the Scenes: Crafting the Perfect Training Experience at BlueBridge One

Author – Tariro Mutonhori | Talent Acquisition Specialist


The Training Programme for 2022 has been running for a year now since we introduced you to our four stellar candidates. After talking about their personal stories, our UK graduates and SA interns have accomplished so much since then. In this article, we will share an update on their success.


Programme Changes

Initially, we launched the Training Programme as a 12-month endeavour, believing it would serve our new graduates/interns well. However, as we continuously strive to offer the best opportunities for growth and development, we decided to extend our programme to a two-year duration. This allowed our first-year graduates and interns to showcase their outstanding skills and commitment during the initial year. 

Before they conclude their first year, our Graduates and Interns undergo a comprehensive performance evaluation to ensure they are well-prepared to continue into their second year. This forward-thinking approach enables us to remain fully dedicated to our learning and development initiatives, helping our candidates reach their fullest potential.


Exciting Updates

I sat down with Toby Elphick, one of our 2023 Graduates based in the UK to talk about his experience in the past 12 months. Here’s what Toby had to say about his first year as a BB1 Grad.


QN: Did the first year’s experience match your expectations as far as the job & learning opportunities were concerned? 

Toby: I feel that my first-year experience matched my expectations. In addition to the great training and support that I have received, the exposure to projects has been exceptional. I learn much more from doing practical work/on-the-job learning and there has been plenty of that which has been amazing!


QN: How did you find the work environment to be? The office and the people in general 

Toby: I have found the office environment to be nice. There aren’t too many people that come in during the week as a lot of our team is remote/ online. However, on office days, which are on the first Monday of each month it’s nice to see everyone. The team is kind and supportive and I feel that I have settled in quickly because of it.  


QN: When you had some challenges, do you feel you were assisted to the best of your expectations? 

Toby: Whenever I faced a challenge the support was great! Everyone at BlueBridge One is so knowledgeable and always willing to help out. The mentors I had helped me solve a lot of the problems I was facing, and they also taught me how to solve them as they walked me through the methodology behind the solutions.  


QN: What was the highlight of your client interaction? What lessons did you learn about yourself? 

Toby: I would say that a major highlight for me is some feedback that I received from my project manager. The project was going to go live on the same day the lead consultant had a Go-Live with another project. This meant that they were unavailable. It was proposed that we extend the Go-Live, however, the customer said that they were comfortable with me taking the system Live. I think that this is a major highlight as the customer was willing to put their trust in me to get them over the final hurdle.


QN: The training programme was a main feature of the 1st year. What advice would you give regarding preparation for the training to someone planning to apply for the 2024 programme? 

Toby: Advice that I would have for the New Graduates and Interns is to put what you have learned into practice. If you see something in a NetSuite training video or a BlueBridge One Focus Group, use a demo account and try to recreate/ practise what has been taught. This is something that I have found to be very useful as I learn a lot more by going through the system as opposed to rewatching the video. 


QN: How did you feel about the programme being extended by another year? Before having it explained to you, what were your initial fears, thoughts and hopes 

Toby: I was relieved that the programme was being extended for a year. I feel that having that extra year will greatly help me solidify my basic knowledge and also help me gain some advanced knowledge of NetSuite.


QN: What are you currently doing in year 2? 

Toby: In Year 2 we are going to be working with Pre-Sales and Customer Success. As well as working on our implementation projects. 

Currently, I am working on 2 implementation projects with 1 on hold and 1 starting as of today. I am also working on a customer success project where the customer would like an improved invoice email workflow. I have then started pre-sales training as of today where we have learned the overall process. 


QN: What do you hope to achieve when you come to the end of your programme? 

Toby: I hope to have achieved my NetSuite Suite Foundation Certification. I also hope to have completed or about to finalise the accounting course I’m going to do next year. I also hope to have a few project Go-Lives under my belt. 


QN: What’s the most exciting thing you encountered during your time at BB1?

Toby: I would say one of the most exciting things I have encountered at BB1 is doing something that I enjoy. I enjoy getting to know the customers’ business, and then building areas of a system that I know will help that customer in their path to growth. 


To date, Toby has been involved in over 40 Support cases and is currently a part of five projects- three of which he joined from inception. He has been exposed to the various stages of a project lifecycle and is enjoying the exposure to Go-Lives (A Go-live is like the grand opening of a project, the moment it goes live and becomes accessible to users, similar to opening the doors to a party for guests to come in.) 

In the previous year, he focused on the Certification Preparation – SuiteFoundation Exam. The course consists of 6 sub-courses which include ERP Fundamentals, NetSuite: Administrator Fundamentals, Sales Force Automation: Fundamentals, Suite Analytics: Financial Reports and Searches and the NetSuite Certification: Suite Foundation Exam Preparation.


This encouraging and impressive progress from our class of 2022 continues to give us the much-needed confidence to carry this program forward. The team’s performance gives us the eagerness to continue to help more recent graduates achieve their dream of entering the ERP Solutions industry.