Free guide: Creating B2C multichannel e-commerce experiences for business customers

15 October 2015 | BlueBridge One

Delivering e-commerce experiences B2B and B2C customers expect

The time of ‘Internet 1.0’ seems like a very long time ago. The velocity of change has been irresistible and in less than 20 years e-commerce has become an immense force for change. It has transformed behaviour by altering our shopping habits. It has also helped shape the physical world by creating massive warehousing, distribution and delivery centres as well as causing a tectonic and disruptive shift in the high street.

In order to get the high quality e-commerce we enjoy today, e-commerce giants have been pioneers in delivering great online B2C shopping experiences. Larger B2B companies, such as trade distribution channel businesses have followed the lead. However, the puzzle for many smaller and mid-market wholesale distributors is how to deliver the first-class online e-commerce experiences that both B2B and B2C customers now expect.

Technology capabilities and B2B user case examples

The free guide ‘Creating B2C multichannel e-commerce experiences for business customers’ discusses some key technology capabilities that support SME wholesale distribution businesses in delivering the e-commerce experiences expected by all customers. The guide contains a number of user case scenarios that show how the needs of B2B customers can be better met with technology integration.

Some points covered in the guide include:

  • Managing inventory in multiple online stores from one centrally maintained catalogue
  • Online store and back-office business system integration on a single platform
  • The importance of integration across all channels to obtain a single customer view

Better multichannel e-commerce with BlueBridge One

‘Creating B2C multichannel e-commerce experiences for business customers’ helps wholesale distribution businesses to better meet the expectations B2B buyers to have the same great e-commerce experiences as B2C customers. Whether serving consumers, retailers, channel partners or end user businesses, it provides useful information that helps you to more effectively service the needs of all customer types.

Click here to download the free guide.