Free guide: 8 steps to help re-invent your wholesale distribution business

10 July 2015 | BlueBridge One

Multiple touchpoints, multichannel and omnichannel

The last 15 years or so has seen the rate of change in business accelerate faster than at any other time since commerce began. Digital technologies and the Internet have been key change drivers. For some wholesale and distribution businesses there is a need to re-invent because the operating environment is much more complex. On one side, there is sourcing inventory from across a globalised manufacturing base and the complexities that brings in ensuring an on time, reliable supply chain that allows to meet or even better customer expectations.

On the other side sit wholesale, in-store, e-commerce and digital communications technologies that have facilitated the multichannel business model. Businesses are now able to target multiple sets of customers through the different channels or ‘touchpoints’ the business possesses. Today’s customers want the option of shopping in-store or online using the digital portal of their choice. The B2C customer expectation is for a true omnichannel shopping experience. The challenges for business are now to meet this requirement by providing multiple touchpoints through which the same customer can shop and communicate with them.

Optimising wholesale in the age of multichannel

Against this background of complexity and competitive pressure, many wholesale and distribution businesses are well positioned to meet the challenges. The free guide ‘8 steps to help re-invent your wholesale distribution business’ discusses some steps you can take to optimise your business to prosper in the age of multichannel and true omnichannel environments.

Some points covered in the guide include:

  • Branding and creating awareness in marketplaces where you are not recognised
  • The right channels for reaching and obtaining a better understanding of customers
  • Key considerations for choosing technology and a technology partner

Help to re-invent your wholesale business from BlueBridge One

‘8 steps to help re-invent your wholesale distribution business’ helps businesses to better understand some of the key factors that determine success in the multichannel age. Whether you are looking to fine tune your existing multichannel processes and technologies, or looking to move from a manual process using spreadsheets and other disconnected technologies, download the guide free to get a better understanding.

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