Expanding the sales potential of Wholesale Distribution businesses

30 January 2014 | BlueBridge One

Channels through which to grow sales

The channels through which Wholesale Distribution businesses operate are varied and there are a number of operational areas through which it may be possible to grow sales. These include:

    • Retail – sales to retailers of new products or ranges, or increasing the number of retail outlets through which products are available by acquiring new stockists
    • Wholesale – sales to other distributors, allowing them to expand their offer to their customers
    • International – opening up the business to distribute or sell products direct to consumers in overseas territories
    • Internet – direct sales to end users

Internet facilitates expansion into retail, wholesale and international

To many, the one with the most potential is the Internet. This is because internet channels not only enable Wholesale Distributors to reach consumers directly; it also facilitates expansion into retail, wholesale and international marketplaces. As many will be aware, most businesses that rely on moving volumes of product through the business are identifying that multi-channel is an essential consideration for success. The importance of mobile should not be underestimated. Smartphone and tablet sales indicate that the trend for online mobile shopping is continuing to increase.

However, the prospect of commissioning a full blown e-commerce presence raises a number of issues. Investment to get the infrastructure up and running; secure payment and an efficient customer fulfilment process may be immediate key questions that are seen as barriers to entry.

NetSuite cloud-based ERP with e-commerce

Many Wholesale Distribution businesses are discovering the benefits of cloud-based ERP as a means of quickly being able to deploy in new markets. NetSuite leverages the internet further with a fully integrated cloud-based ERP business suite that includes SuiteCommerce; an advanced e-commerce toolset for creating and a managing online presence.NetSuite enables the seamless exchange of data throughout the organisation allowing for efficient and streamlined end-to-end business processes.

High standards of service and in-depth vertical experience

NetSuite’s business management suite provides the basis for Wholesale Distribution businesses to expand their operations. Many businesses have found it essential for NetSuite to be implemented by a solution provider with in-depth vertical experience in their industry sector. With over 10 years of experience, BlueBridge One enables clients to maximise their investment in NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP suite. High standards of service and in-depth vertical experience are often seen as essential ingredients of successful deployment for any business management system.BlueBridge One provides vertical solutions around NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP business management suite.. Click here now to register for a FREE 14 day trial of NetSuite.Click here to learn how NetSuite Cloud-based ERP solution can provide you with the tools to quickly expand your brand to any device, any site, any country and any business model.