Don’t be reactive and get distracted by the tide of chaos and uncertainty – think and act strategically

26 June 2017 | BlueBridge One

Some things you just can’t change!

Chaos and uncertainty seem to be dominating current events. One of the symptoms is that macroeconomics is taking a bit of a hit. The delicate balance of keeping inflation in check and pitching the bank base at the right level are all part of the mix. There’s less consumer confidence which is driving down sales.

Some distribution businesses may find they are less busy and owners and managers may have a bit more time on their hands. However, it is important to avoid getting swept away by the tide of negativity attached to big political, economic and social news stories filtered down mainstream and social media channels.

Echoing the sentiment of the famous wartime slogan ‘Keep Calm and Carry on’, when those around you are losing their heads, one of the best things to do is knuckle down and concentrate on the things that you can affect and try not to worry about the things you can’t change or directly influence.

So get ready for the opportunities disruptive change brings

Chaos and uncertainty can be a harbinger of disruptive change, so focus on running your business with a proactive and strategic approach. This gets get your business more ‘ship shape’ – efficient and streamlined. This readies you for the bumps the operating environment throws up and prepares you for the disruptive events or change over which you have no influence.

For distribution businesses, some important strategic considerations include:

    • Stock line rationalisation
      • Adjusting and optimising stock levels and product lines so that your inventory is efficient. Does the technology you use automate this?


    • New markets
      • Can you diversify into new product lines, selling to different market segments and/or territories. Do your systems make sales promotion easy?


    • Cross-selling
      • Can you sell new lines wholesale or to existing trade, or direct to end user customers? Does your technology properly support this?


    • Disruptive change and technology
      • Are your systems flexible to enable you to capitalise on the opportunities change often brings?


    • Integrations and interoperable technologies
      • Are there opportunities to connect the dots by linking Instore, Online, Mobile and M2M?


  • New technology
    • Can you dump manual processes and/or legacy technology to gain more efficiency, flexibility and reduce costs?

Capitalise on disruptive change with BlueBridge One

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