Developing economies outstanding opportunities for wholesale distributors with NetSuite cloud-based ERP and online stores powered by SuiteCommerce

28 July 2014 | BlueBridge One

Land of opportunity

The growing middle-class in economies such as China and Brazil is well documented. As the global economy climbs out of recession and we look to where this wave of prosperity is due to hit next, it is clear that Africa is a land of opportunity and offers outstanding growth prospects for wholesale distributors with the right technology in place.

Africa has created 37 million new stable waged jobs over the last decade. If this trend continues it is on course to create another 54 million in the next 10 years. This is dragging economies across the continent up with it, with requirements for everything from infrastructure and utilities to domestic and luxury goods and business services. In Africa there is a growing consumer market. 90 million African households have joined the world’s consuming classes in 10 years.

NetSuite competitive advantage for meeting demand from growing numbers of mid-earners

NetSuite provides wholesale distributors with the competitive advantage to meet demand from the growing middle-classes across the world. NetSuite ERP and e-commerce solution enables:

  • Direct to end user sales using e-commerce
  • Support for country & continent distributor relationships and power business processes
  • Support for country & continent retail/e-commerce outlets

Legacy, on-premise ERP applications simply cannot match this capability.

Any time, any place, anywhere: NetSuite from BlueBridge One

The omnichannel shopping experience customers are now demanding to be able to: Shop at any time, from any place, and get it delivered anywhere. BlueBridge One helps customers tailor NetSuite’s business management suite to address specific customer processing requirements. The solution scales effortlessly to provide global reach and offers the flexibility to be able to support most business models.

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