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Useful Tips for NetSuite Users

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NetSuite Multiple Transaction emailer Did you know?
Useful tips for NetSuite Users


NetSuite users can now download "NetSuite for IPhone". Currently the App is FREE and can be found by searching for "netsuite" in your IPhone App Store.

The current NetSuite functionality support by the App includes:

Dashboard KPIs
Customer/Contact Data
Calendar Management


Which Browsers work best with NetSuite?


As most users are probably aware NetSuite supports a number of the industry standard browsers including INTERNET EXPLORER, MOZILLA FIREFOX, SAFARI and GOOGLE CHROME. All offer much the same functionality however general feedback from a number of our customers is that the new GOOGLE CHROME browser offers the best performance when using NetSuite on a PC.

If you haven't tried it before and you experiencing performance problems on your desktop PC then its definitely worth considering. GOOGLE CHROME is free and can be downloaded directly from the GOOGLE home page. Download


NetSuite Multiple Transaction emailer Outsourced Services
Have you considered Outsourcing?


Outsourcing involves subcontracting the management of an internal process to a third party with the intention of improving efficiency, reducing risk and/or lowering cost.


The are a number of areas of a business that can be successfully outsourced. Some more common areas include:

Financial Management
Customer Service
Call Centres
Warehousing and Order Fulfillment
Foreign Office Management


Often outsourcing becomes desirable at certain key transition points during an organisations life cycle.

Business need
Struggling to control growth Expansion drives the need for quality improvements
Concern at the reliability of financial information Need for the finances to be managed independently
Desire to cut the cost of in-house functions Need to get external assistance on a regular basis
Under financial pressure Reduce cost of internal function and improve relationships with banks and creditors
Considering an acquisition or sale Greater focus on re-organising effectively


There are a number of companies that offer outsourcing services. There are only a limited number that offer outsource services specific to NetSuite. Two such companies are:

Tenon Group provide "end to end" outsourcing services covering the financial and human resource activities to the SME marketplace.

NetSuite for Iphone

For a listing of the services Tenon Group provide see Outsourcing Services. (Contact Grant Sayer +44(0)1753 754 618)

NetSuite for Iphone Goresponse Ltd provide a wide variety of outsourced call handling services. For a listing of the services Goresponse provide see Telephone Answering Services. (Contact Julie Stevens +44(0)1795 519 200).

NetSuite Multiple Transaction emailer SuiteExtenders
Extend your NetSuite Application

SuiteExtenders are NetSuite SUITEAPP's designed specifically for NetSuite Users. Developed exclusively by BlueBridge One and our Partners, SuiteExtenders are quick to implement and offer a cost-effective solution to common business requirements.

SuiteExtender price includes:
Installation Bullet
Maintenance & Updates Bullet
End-User Documentation Bullet


Multiple Transaction Emailer NetSuite Multiple Transaction emailer
Send multiple transactions with one email

The Multiple Transaction Emailer SuiteExtender enables users to attach and send multiple transactions per email for a selected Customer or for multiple selected Customers. Additional files can be attached to the email.

Read more about the Multiple Transaction Emailer SuiteExtender.

Data Pump eCommerce Fraud Detector
Schedule Automated Data Extracts

The NetSuite Data Pump SuiteExtender enables you to schedule multiple automated data extracts from NetSuite to a local or network server. Ideal for scheduling local backups, integrating NetSuite to third party applications and creating extract files for third party reporting or Business Intelligence tools.

Read more about the Data Pump SuiteExtender

Auto Email Logger email logger
Create a complete history of email.

The Auto Email Logger SuiteExtender allows you to build a complete history of all incoming and outgoing email sent to and from any users desktop. Each email is individually assessed and dealt with based on a set of rules which identify the most appropriate entity record in NetSuite to save the email against.

Read more about the Auto Email Logger SuiteExtender.

Webstore Auto Register MyLists
Avoid creating duplicated customer records.

This SuiteExtender asks existing users for their email address and mail them a temporary email password allowing them to access NetSuite without creating a duplicate account.

Read more about the Webstore Auto Customer Register SuiteExtender.

Read more about other SuiteExtenders


NetSuite Multiple Transaction emailer Customer Profile:

Customer Support

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NetSuite User Since: May 2006

Number of Users: 19

Modules:SiteBuilder, Advanced Inventory

SuiteExtenders in use: 6

NetSuite Multiple Transaction emailer Customer Support
FREE Support for our Customers

Customer SupportThere is now a direct number to dial for BlueBridge One support 01932 300 007.

As a BlueBridge One customer there are various NetSuite Support options open to you. Read more about the NetSuite Support options.

NetSuite Multiple Transaction emailer Customer Referral Program
Benefit from our Referral Program

Referral ProgramDo you know any one that you think may need NetSuite?

If so please let us know. Refer a new prospect to us and we will give you a 10% referral fee for all introductions made to us.

NetSuite Multiple Transaction emailer NetSuite Product Updates
Version 2009.2

NetSuite OneWorldNETSUITE VERSION 2009.2

NetSuite Version 2009.2 is currently being rolled out internationally. Your NetSuite administrator should have already received notification from Netsuite regarding the upgrade and the timing thereof.


Bullet German Compliance - New features and functionality necessary to support complex German statutory requirements have been added.

Bullet Inventory Transfer Orders - You can now use inventory transfer orders to schedule and track individual steps of your transfer process.

Bullet Revaluation Enhancements - Enhanced revaluation of open foreign currency balances.

Bullet Period Close Enhancements - The functionality for closing an accounting period has been enhanced.


Bullet Google Checkout - Shoppers can now checkout using Google Checkout.

Bullet Sitemap Generator - User can now automatically generate XML sitemaps file for their web stores.

Bullet Custom Checkout sub-domain - Create a custom subdomain at checkout. Previously web shoppers were redirected to a secure Netsuite domain.


NetSuite Multiple Transaction emailer Accountants Corner

Working with the Retained Earnings Account in NetSuite

With NetSuite unlike some other financial systems the Retained Earnings account balance is a calculated balance. NetSuite does not physically generate year-end closing entries that transfer Profit and Loss balances to the Retained Earning account. Instead whenever you generate a Balance Sheet NetSuite totals the transactions for each General Ledger account and calculates the Retained Earnings balance to display in the Balance Sheet.

Whenever you drilldown on the Retained Earnings balance, because it is calculated, you should find that there is no supporting transaction detail (unless you manually posted transactions to this account).

What does this mean to the NetSuite user? The key consideration is that you should not manually post any transactions to Retained Earnings account.


FAQSTo view FAQS about Processing Transactions in NetSuite login to your BlueBridge One Customer Centre by clicking Login to BlueBridge One Customer Centre .

If you don't yet have a password select "I am and existing BlueBridge One Solutions Limited customer without a password". A new temporary password will be emailed to your email address.

Once you receive your password login to the BlueBridge One Knowledgebase of Frequently Asked Questions using your email address and password.

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