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BlueBridge One

for NetSuite Users - February 09

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NetSuite Product Updates

Bullet Accountants Corner
Recording a Bad-Debt
Processing a Returned Cheque

Bullet Did you Know?
Useful Tips for NetSuite Users

Bullet Customer Referral Program
Earn 10% on any referral you give us

Bullet Featured SuiteExtenders
eCommerce Fraud Detector

Bullet NetSuite Training
Take Advantage of a UK Training Grant

Bullet On-Line Shopping Takes Hold
Time to Take On-Line Shoppers Seriously

Bullet Customer Support
FREE Support for our Customers

Featured NetSuite SuiteExtenders
Extend your NetSuite Application

SuiteExtenders are "NETSUITE ADD-ONS" (or scripts) designed specifically for NetSuite Users. Developed exclusively by BlueBridge One and our Partners, SuiteExtenders are quick to implement and offer cost-effective solutions to common business requirements. The all-inclusive annual cost includes Installation, Maintenance and User Documentation.

SuiteExtender Prices Include:
Bullet Installation
Bullet Maintenance Updates
Bullet End-User Documentation
Bullet Reduced Annual Pricing

PROMO-ITEM NetSuite Promo Items
Automatically add Promotional Items to Sales Orders based on User definable rules

The Promo-Item SuiteExtender enables items to be automatically added to orders based on custom rules.  It's ideal for applying Special Offers, Promotions or Discounts to Sales Orders. Examples are Buy-One-Get-One-Free offers and Give-aways based on the other items ordered.

Read more about the PROMO-ITEM SuiteExtender.

Perform a host of real-time anti-fraud checks on all web orders

The eCommerce Fraud Detector SuiteExtender performs a host of Checks including IP address geolocation and matching, proxy detection, email validation, card bank checks and, address and phone number matching. Add a fraud risk score and score explanation to all your NetSuite web orders.

Read more about the ECOMMERCE FRAUD DETECTOR SuiteExtender

Create custom activity based workflows for your employees using Workplans.

The Workplans SuiteExtender enables templates of activities (tasks and phone calls) to be defined. Templates are then used to quickly create workplans. Workplan tasks and phone calls are automatically assigned to your employees and start and due dates calculated for you.

Read more about the WORKPLANS SuiteExtender.

Enable Users to easily maintain their own personal subset of Entity records.

The NetSuite MyLists SuiteExtender empowers Users to quickly create personal MyList views without the need to build complex saved searches. Display only those leads, prospects, customers, projects, contacts, suppliers and or partners Users wish to see listed.

Read more about the MYLISTS SuiteExtender.

Read more about other SuiteExtenders

NetSuite Training
Take advantage of a UK Training Grant

NetSuite TrainingTrain to Gain - a UK Government initiative setup to promote skills transfers to Employees - is making training grants freely available to Employers.

Unlike with previous initiatives Train to Gain has set out with the goal to make the Employers application process much less burdensome by appointing local Training Brokers to handle most of the administration involved.

Why not take advantage of this situation while it lasts. Sign up for some ONE TO ONE NETSUITE TRAINING. The following training is available from BlueBridge One:

Bullet Marketing Automation - Learn how to setup and manage marketing campaigns including mailshots, promotion codes, groups, HTML email formats and reporting. Learn more about Marketing Automation

Bullet Java Script Custom Code - For the technical User - learn about advanced customisation techniques and how to customise NetSuite using JavaScript. Learn more about Java Script Custom Code

Bullet Webstore Overview - Learn the basics of how to setup and manage a NetSuite webstore. Learn more about Webstore Overview

Bullet Accounting Basics - Learn how you can use NetSuite to manage your organisations finances effectively. Includes all basic a Accounting functions available in NetSuite. Learn more about Accounting Basics

Bullet Sales Force Automation - Learn how to manage your sales processes in NetSuite including tracking leads, managing territories, routing leads, creating online capture forms and quotas. Learn more about Sales Force Automation

Bullet NetSuite Administration - Learn how to administer your NetSuite account including managing users and roles, creating reports, creating saved searches, basic customisations, importing CSV records. Learn more about NetSuite Administration


BlueBridge One can help you make contact with a Training Broker in your area


Request more Information

NetSuite Product Updates


NetSuite Version 2009.1 is due to be rolled out commencing late February and finishing mid-April. Click here to read the 2009.1 Release Notes. Version 2009.1 includes:

Bullet MS Outlook & BlackBerry Integration - Improved integration and synchronisation with Microsoft Outlook and BlackBerry. Previously synchronisation was manual. It can now be scheduled.

BulletGoogle Checkout Integration - The Google Checkout Integration feature will be made available to select customers enrolled in an early adopter program during Version 2009 Release 1.

Bullet Direct List Editing for Transactions - Previously Direct List editing was only available on selected Entity records e.g. Customers, Leads etc. In Version 2009.1 it will also be available for transaction records.

Bullet Enhancements to Mass Updates - With this release, the mass update feature has received a number of automation and flexibility enhancements including a scheduling/recurring option.

Bullet SuiteScript Governance - With previous releases customers often had problems with Scripts timing out. SuiteScript Governance has been modified to eliminate this issue.

Please remember to LOGIN TO YOUR BETA ACCOUNT and test your major processes and any customisations at your earliest opportunity. Report any issues as soon as possible. NetSuite prioritise beta support cases. If you dont have the time or resources do this yourself our Professional Services team can help you.

Accountants Corner

How do I record a bad debt in NetSuite?

If you have sent a customer an invoices and the customer can't/won't settle it for one or other reasons then after a certain period you may need to write-off the debt. To do this create a Journal entry that writes off the Customers debt.

Required Journal Entries:

Line 1. Credit A/R with the gross amount of the debt you want to write-off being sure to enter the customer's name in the name field. Leave VAT blank.

Line 2. Debit the Bad Debt Expense account by the amount of the debt. Leave the Name field blank but make sure you insert the correct VAT code on this line. The correct VAT code is the code on the original invoice that initially created the debt.

How do I process a 'Bounced' cheque in NetSuite?

To process a 'Bounced' cheque you create a journal entry that handles all banking, expenses, and charges to customer for the bounced cheque. Keep it as a memorized transaction so it is easy to enter. The journal comprises the following lines:

Required Journal Entries:

Line 1. Debit A/R with the amount of the original cheque being sure to enter the customer's name in the name field. Leave VAT blank.

Line 2. Credit your bank account affected by the amount of the original cheque. Leave Name and VAT blank.

Line 3. Credit the bank account affected for the bank service fee. Leave Name and VAT blank.

Line 4. Debit your expense account for bank service fees. Leave Name and VAT blank.

Line 5. Debit A/R for the amount YOU CHARGE customer's for bounced cheques being sure to enter the customer's name in the Name field.

Line 6. Credit your income account for bad cheque fees charged to customers. Leave Name and VAT blank.

Did you Know?
Useful tips for NetSuite Users

Use Direct List Editing to Update multiple records at the same time

To update multiple records at the same time simply select the field in the first record you wish to update. Then move your mouse down to the same field in the last record of the list. Holding SHIFT down click on the field in the last record of the range you wish to update. You should then see column border lines displayed for the field. Update the selected field for any record within the column borders and all the other records within the column will be updated at the same time. The maximum records you can select at any one time for this is 200.

Users can set the preferred number of rows appearing in their Lists or Dropdowns

Users can specify the number of rows displayed in any List or Dropdown by selecting SET PREFERENCES on the GENERAL Tab.


These settings impact performance and how long pages take to load. The maximum List length is 200 rows while the maximum Dropdown is 500 rows. The higher the setting the longer pages take to load. If you are viewing a List that has more records specified than the Users setting the List will be broken down into groups of 200 records. If you are viewing a Dropdown list with more than the User specified setting a separate list window will open.

On-Line Shopping Takes Hold
Time to Take On-Line Shoppers Seriously
Online RetailingRecent research from Jupiter Research into the UK 's online retail market found that Online Luxury Shoppers, which make up 12% of online British consumers, are relying far more on the Internet during the current economic climate than before. Although they say the credit crunch is not causing them to change their spending habits, they are doing more online research than before as a way of finding the best deals.

The research also found that this shift is particularly evident in the UK market which shows that the average UK consumer will spend 40 percent more online than the average US consumer and make 24 percent more purchases online. UK consumers are also more likely than those in the US to use the Internet to make decisions when buying goods and services of all types. The average UK consumer is eight times more likely to conduct research on multiple sites before making an online purchase and is 13 percent more likely to be a frequent online buyer than a US consumer.

�This demonstrates how important it is in particular for UK retailers to create a rich online shopping experience�

The web enables consumers worldwide to make smarter buying decisions with easy access to product research and consumer reviews, as well as quick ways to check what other consumers think about products, so why shouldn't customers be going online to shop in greater numbers?
Customer Referral Program
Benefit from our Referral Program

Referral ProgramDo you have any friends, family, suppliers or partners that you think may need NetSuite?

If so please let us know. Refer a new prospect to us and we will give you a 10% referral fee for all introductions made to us.

Customer Support
FREE Support for our Customers
Customer SupportThere is now a direct number to dial for BlueBridge One support 01932 300 007.

As a BlueBridge One customer there are various NetSuite Support options open to you. Read more about the NetSuite Support options.

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