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BlueBridge One

for NetSuite Users - October 2008

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NetSuite Product Updates

Update Quick Fixes
Locking Down Periods
Transaction Searches

Did you Know?
Useful Tips for NetSuite Users

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Featured SuiteExtenders
Electronic Leave Processing NEW
Interactive Pivot Reports NEW
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Customer Case Study
Automation Enables Fivefold Increase in Revenue

Optimise your Web Marketing
Doom and Gloom? Not for Online Retailers!

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Featured NetSuite SuiteExtenders
Extend your NetSuite Application

SuiteExtenders are "NETSUITE ADD-ONS" (or scripts) designed specifically for NetSuite Users. Developed exclusively by BlueBridge One and our Partners, SuiteExtenders are quick to implement and offer cost-effective solutions to common business requirements. The all-inclusive annual cost includes Installation, Maintenance and User Documentation.

SuiteExtenders now include:

+ Installation
+ Maintenance Updates
+ End-User Documentation
+ Reduced Annual Pricing

Looking for an easy way to manage Employee annual leave?

The Electronic Leave Processing SuiteExtender allows employees to submit leave requests in NetSuite through their Employee Centre role (or another role). Their leave request is then routed to their Supervisor for approval. Employees can view their leave entitlement at any stage.

Read more about the ELECTRONIC LEAVE PROCESSING SuiteExtender

Extend the power of NetSuite Saved Searches by creating interactive pivot reports.

Interactive Pivot Reports let you build pivot reports (like Excel's pivot tables) from saved search results.  Define the report layout, specify the saved search that supplies data for the report then view the report in your browser without leaving NetSuite.

Read more about the INTERACTIVE PIVOT REPORTS SuiteExtender.

Allow existing non-webstore Customers to auto register in your webstore without creating a duplicate record in NetSuite.

The Webstore Auto Register SuiteExtender allows existing customers to generate their own password when they first attempt to log in. The standard web login page is enhanced with a portlet which enables customers without a password to enter their existing email address.

Read more about the WEBSTORE AUTO REGISTER SuiteExtender.

Classify your NetSuite Leads, Prospects and Customers based on Yellow Pages classification system.

This SuiteExtender adds fields to your NetSuite Account which allow you to classify Customers based on the Yellow Pages classification system which includes 7 groups, 111 sectors, 2194 classifications.

Read more about the YELLOW PAGES CLASSIFICATION SuiteExtender.

Read more about other SuiteExtenders

Customer Case Study
Automation Enables Fivefold Increase in Revenue

Automation helps Justoffbase Increase Business

Nearly five years on since implementing NetSuite, Justoffbase are reporting that they have experienced a five fold increase in business while maintaining much the same staffing levels over the same period.

To read more about Justoffbase and how they have used NetSuite to automate their business for growth click here.


NetSuite Product Updates

NetSuite OneWorldNetSuite Version 2008.2 Released

As you are no doubt already aware NetSuite Version 2008.2 is currently in the process of being rolled out to all customers. This process should be complete by mid-October. Click here to read the 2008.2 Release Notes. Version 2008.2 includes:

+ Foreign Currency Non-bank GL Accounts - Previously only GL "Bank accounts" could be classified as non-base currency accounts. Now you can setup a Non-Bank account as a foreign account.

+ Multiple Shipping Addresses - Now you can ship items on one sales transaction to multiple addresses.

+ Job/Project Tracking - Job tracking for Service companies has been significantly enhanced.

+ E-Mail Campaigns - Campaign Subscription Management has been enhanced. Additional information has been added to campaign response reports and additional statistics are now provided.

+ Web-Store Performance Enhancements - Web page load times have been improved, images display faster and shopping carts can now handle higher loads of simultaneous shoppers.

Quick Fixes

Locking Down Periods
Do you close your Accounting & Tax Periods

Closing Accounting and Tax periods prevents unauthorised users from adding, deleting or changing prior period transactions. Once you have closed your accounting and/or tax period or year you should close the period/year. To close Accounting Periods go to SETUP > ACCOUNTING > MANAGE ACCOUNTING PERIODS. For Tax Periods go to SETUP > ACCOUNTING > MANAGE TAX PERIODS.

Once you have finalised your VAT/GST return you should always close the Tax period/s it covers. Failing to do this can cause unwanted changes to the the data you have already submitted in your return.

Transaction Searches
The transaction search is an invaluable tool when searching for "rogue" transactions

The Transaction Search option allows you to search for any transactions in NetSuite based on all the key transaction fields including the "Value" field. To perform any Transaction Search go to TRANSACTIONS > OTHER > SEARCH TRANSACTIONS then select the search criteria.

Did you Know?
Useful tips for NetSuite Users

Voting for Enhancements Online
Did you know Enhancements can now be voted for on-line and you can view their progress?

To register or view the status of a NetSuite enhancement you need to do the following:

To log an enhancement request login to NetSuite and go to SUPPORT > CUSTOMER SERVICE > CONTACT SUPPORT. In the "What do you want to do" pull down menu select "Request an Enhancement". In the message tab insert all the relevant information about your request.

To view information about the Status of your Enhancement Requests, including the most Popular Requests, login to NetSuite and go to SUPPORT > CUSTOMER SERVICE > NETSUITE SUPPORT CENTRE (note you require the System Administration role to access this). Then go to the "Enhancement Voting" Tab. Here you will be able to view Enhancement Request information such as My Voting History, Most Popular Enhancements etc.

Use the "GL Impact" on transactions to view General (Nominal) Ledger posting details.

When you use this feature you can click the GL(General Ledger) Impact link in the header of any transaction you view. When you click this GL Impact link you see the details of what is posted to your General (Nominal) Ledger in the form of a journal entry.

NetSuite Security Message

Using a Company Credit Card
Manage your company Credit Cards in NetSuite

Did you know that you can use NetSuite to manage your companies credit cards. Using NetSuite you can record credit card charges and payments made to the Credit Card provider. At any stage you can reconcile your NetSuite credit card account back to you Credit Card statement.

Processing Credit Card Transactions

To setup credit card processing in NetSuite simply login as "Administrator" then go to LISTS > ACCOUNTS and add a "Credit Card" type account. To enter credit card transactions go to BANK > TRANSACTIONS > USE CREDIT CARD and enter charges and/or credits.

Optimise your Web Marketing
Doom and Gloom? Not for Online Retailers!

NetSuite SEOBy all accounts 2008 has been a difficult year for retail. The economy has had to face a housing market correction, a sub-prime mortgage crisis, rising unemployment, high food and energy costs, bank nationalisations, and now a financial bailout. In the US The National Retail Federation predicts that these financial pressures will result in the worst holiday sales season since 1991.

While overall retail sales will be slumping this year, the online retail market sector is expected to grow. According to a study conducted by Forrester Research the US will grow by 17% and the UK is expected to follow suit.

Take these steps for a successful festive season:

+ Online Messaging Redesign your homepage with a Festive theme and use festive season messaging in your email campaigns to help consumers identify your site as a good place to shop for gifts.

+ Retain Sales on Out-of-Stock Items Redirect your customers when a product is out-of-stock. Use language like " If you liked product x, you'll really like product y! " and provide a link to product y and if a product is only temporarily out-of-stock, provide a method for the customer to receive an email when the product is in-stock. This will also give you additional opt-in email addresses.

+ Optimise for Last Minute Shoppers As the Festive Season approaches, start displaying purchase cutoff dates for guaranteed delivery to reassure customers that they will receive their gifts on-time. When shipping deadlines are behind you, promote Electronic_Gift_Certificates by using tag-lines like " It's Not Too Late " or " There's Still Time " to attract last minute shoppers.

+ Cross Selling and Upselling When a customer adds an item to your shopping cart, instead of taking them to the shopping cart page, land them on a cross-sell page. There the customer is reminded of exactly what item they added to the shopping cart, then immediately show additional items from the same category to keep the customer browsing. If the customer then chooses to check-out, you can get more aggressive with a highly targeted pop-up. If the customer adds that item to the cart, send them back to the cross-sell page and repeat.

BlueBridge One can help you update your web-site and improve your Web marketing this festive season.

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As a BlueBridge One customer there are various NetSuite Support options open to you. Read more about the NetSuite Support options.

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