Orlebar Brown

The Challenges:

  • Inadequate systems to drive fast-growing business forwards.
  • Current system unable to handle complex product structure.
  • Required software for both Macintosh and Windows environments.

The Results:

  • Priceless in terms of intelligent data gathering.
  • Will help drive business forward as it grows.
  • Transparency across all parts of the business and locations.


Orlebar Brown is a relatively new company, having started trading in 2007. Web sales contribute about 35% of their business, while wholesale adds 45% and retail 20%.

With 25 permanent staff across US and UK distribution centres, a retail shop in Notting Hill, London and a webstore, this luxury clothing company did not have an adequate infrastructure to cope with the sudden growth of their business.

As a clothing company, they desperately needed a solution that supported their relatively complex product structure with variations in colour, style and size. Not having this functionality caused problems managing inventory levels and they had no easy way of achieving this other than to create separate product codes for each colour, style and size variation.

In addition, their existing infrastructure ran a combination of Windows and Macintosh-based systems and they soon found they were limited by this. “Not having an integrated system, and using only Sage for basic finance and Excel for inventory, with no link between the two, was a massive risk,” confirms Irfan. Maintaining integrity between the various systems was a major challenge. As a result, accessing up-to-date management information was difficult, to say the least. Not only were there different systems to manage and maintain, but there was the added complexity of them running on different operating systems.


The minute Orlebar Brown found out that NetSuite was browser- independent, they knew they had found a viable solution that would support both Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

“NetSuite now seamlessly links up our e-commerce, RetailPro electronic point-of-sale system and outsourced warehouse operations. This provides the company with invaluable real-time management information. It was wonderful not to have to pull information from many different systems anymore,” he says. “Suddenly, we had real-time access to information about what was happening in the business, and we were able to use that intelligently to see what was working and what wasn’t.

“We acquire our products in different ways,” says Irfan. “We either buy finished products or purchase raw materials to custom make our own garments. Each of our products generally has different attributes. In addition,” he explains, “we have to take into account the different seasonality, locations and sub locations within which we work. All of this is now managed directly in NetSuite.”

BlueBridge One started the NetSuite implementation in June 2011, and the project went live on schedule on 1 September 2011. Irfan says: “We gave BlueBridge One our requirements and immediately felt comfortable that they would be able to deliver what they promised. Their understanding of our business, the advice they gave us and their ability to configure and customise the system to support our needs was priceless.

“The NetSuite dashboard provides all the information we need on what is happening each day, from stock coming in, to purchases made, to distribution,” Irfan says. “The solution is affordable, scalable and comprehensive.”

"We are so impressed with what BlueBridge One has achieved for us that we have recommended NetSuite to at least two of our customers"
Irfan Harris - Finance Director