The Challenges:

  • UK-based company needed CRM capabilities to proactively log orders, company information and contact records.
  • Previous Sage Line 50 software had reached its limit: Dent-O-Care was processing the maximum number of transactions feasible within that application.
  • Lack of comprehensive integration. The regular switching between the internal database and Sage Line 50 to process orders was becoming tedious, and the reporting system within Sage was not user friendly.
  • Anything unusual or non-standard was painful to generate.

The Solution:

  • NetSuite Solution Provider BlueBridge One installed NetSuite CRM, ERP and Ecommerce (NetSuite Site Builder module).
  • Level of visibility of what is going on in the business has been significantly heightened.
  • Sales force can now assess order patterns, customer behaviour and logging of discussions held between the sales people and customers.
  • Scheduling of call-backs has been significantly enhanced, leading to better customer service.
  • Dent-O-Care receives between 20 and 30 online orders per day and NetSuite has enabled these orders to be seamlessly linked with their back-office fulfilment.

The Results:

  • Significant time savings due to having one system instead of multiple products.
  • Staff can get a much greater level of visibility of buying patterns.
  • Dent-O-Care can target customers far more comprehensively on the basis of their buying habits.
  • Staff are also far more conversant with their customers due to now having up- to-date information on them at their fingertips.
  • Greater understanding of the cost base and visibility of the various parts of the business.
  • Dent-O-Care’s Web-based activities up by 15 percent while order values are up by between 20 to 25 percent.
"The comprehensive integration provided by Netsuite removes duplication of data entry and provides management with seamless access to business critical data"
Adam Keller - Sales and Marketing Director