Case Studies

"We began work late in February and went live on 1 June. It's what we were told, and it's exactly what happened. We put it down to good planning by BlueBridge One"

“We wanted to expand our operations. To achieve this, we realised we needed a new, more efficient ERP system, from a supplier we could rely on. We needed to be confident that the new system would be used to the maximum extent and that all operations would be managed in the one system.”

Loren Jenner
CEO of Coastal Group

“In terms of efficiency, […] from our perspective, we’ve definitely transformed our businesses from being very siloed to being much more integrated.”

Brett Gower
General Manager

“If we hadn’t adopted NetSuite, we would’ve been in all sorts of pain trying to deal with that. […] What it does show is the huge shift from paper-based to an electronic based system has enabled us to take the lockdown pro- cess in our stride. Had we continued the way we were, it would’ve caused us all sorts of pain.”

Nick FlacK
Group IT Manager

“BlueBridge One’s expertise, professionalism and quick response made the implementation and subsequent maintenance of the system seamless for what could have been a difficult project”

Damon Read
Finance Director

“The two databases didn’t talk to each other and we used manual processes to turn orders over to invoicing. This also made co-ordinating credit control with the release of orders for delivery a labour-intensive process.”

Alex Wagner

“The single view of the real-time financial position of all our departments that we now have is excellent and is especially useful to senior management”

Phil Sharp
IT Manager

“We began work late in February and went live on 1 June. It’s what we were told, and it’s exactly what happened. We put it down to good planning by BlueBridge One, and a great product”

Eddie Hutchinson
Finance Director

“As the relationship has progressed BlueBridge One has become more aware and involved in our business. It readily understands the bespoke developments we require and specify”

James Reed

“BlueBridge One has a fundamental understanding of our business and we trust their judgement implicitly”

Tim Wilkinson
Operations Director

“The comprehensive integration provided by Netsuite removes duplication of data entry and provides management with seamless access to business critical data”

Adam Keller
Sales and Marketing Director