BlueBridge One marks 10 year milestone

16 October 2013 | BlueBridge One

This year marks the 10th anniversary of BlueBridge One as a company. Reaching this milestone, we reflect back on the highlights since starting off back in July 2003. During this period we have seen significant growth on the back our successful implementations and the success of NetSuite as a leading cloud-based business management suite:

o We have seen NetSuite grow from being a private start-up company with total revenues of around $15m in 2004 to a public company with revenues of $308m in 2012.

o During the period BlueBridge One has acquired over 300 NetSuite customers globally – customers that we support by serving either as their NetSuite assigned partner, or by providing them with professional services.

o Over the period our support team has helped customers deal with over 8,500 customer cases. Our goal has been and continues to be that of providing support as a free service to NetSuite customers who we represent as their registered NetSuite partners.

Here are the key achievements or decision points that we passed along the way.


October 2003 saw BlueBridge One sign up as the first UK based NetSuite Solution Provider. Although starting off as a Sage and Act reseller we soon recognised the potential NetSuite offered for our customers and ourselves. While Sage, at the time, was a more mature product, we felt it offered less upside potential for our customers. Within a few years our direction had changed totally to being a focused NetSuite solution provider. The switch served us well.

In December 2003 we signed up Justoffbase, as the first NetSuite UK customer.


It became apparent that many of our customers needed elements of functionality that were not standard in NetSuite. To support these customers we launched our SuiteExtender add-ons in June 2007 with the introduction of the Postcode Lookup SuiteExtender using the PostcodeAnywhere service. Since then we have launched more than 30 new SuiteExtenders which are used by NetSuite customers in more than 10 countries.


In February 2008 we recognised that eCommerce offered an important sales and marketing channel for our customers so we started providing NetSuite eCommerce services. Our first project was providing advanced customisation services for the website. Since then we have continued to help many customers launch successful NetSuite websites.


In June 2009 we officially signed up as a NetSuite Solution Developer Network partner. Since then we have provided advanced NetSuite customisation services, helping customers extend NetSuite’s standard functionality or by integrating it to 3rd party services.


We completed our first OneWorld implementation in September 2010 for Warmup PLC. Since then we have continued to complete a number of multinational implementations for growing mid-market customers, all seeking to use the NetSuite platform to expand internationally.


In August this year we were certified by NetSuite to provide SuiteCommerce Advanced implementation services. This extends our eCommerce capability beyond only developing NetSuite SuiteCommerce Sitebuilder sites used currently by most customers. Our first SuiteCommerce Advanced implementation is due to commence shortly.

Here’s to the next 10 years of NetSuite and BlueBridge One. All of us look forward to the next 10 years of NetSuite and BlueBridge One. You can rest assured that we’ll keep up our high standards of service and support, backed with the outstanding expertise that has lead to us being recognised by NetSuite as a leading NetSuite UK Solution Provider and Solution Developer Network Partner.

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