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New office move to Romania

In 2017 we won an award  - the fastest growing NetSuite Partner in EMEA (go us!).  This year we want to get the award again, so we are happy to announce we have opened a third office in Romania to support our growth plans across EMEA. Over time we will be growing our team there and increasing our [...]

5 signs you need ERP software to grow your business.

It's taking longer and longer to reconcile financials at the end of the month. Your sales forecasts are based more on guesswork than solid figures. Your business is having trouble keeping up with its order volume and customer satisfaction is faltering as a result. You have no idea how much inventory you have in your warehouse, and it's a pain to find out. If this sounds like your business—or close to it—then it may be time to consider an ERP system.


15 Years In Business & 5 Star Partner Status - Here's what we know

So we recently turned 15. Luckily the teenage rage hasn't kicked in and we haven't killed each other yet! In fact quite the reverse. Things are going really well. We have just celebrated our 15 year anniversary as a trusted partner to NetSuite. And today, we have just been awarded 5 Star Status for the fifth year running from NetSuite. We are really really chuffed.


Fix dirty data within NetSuite and improve your bottom line.

Just launched, BlueBridge One Data Surety SuiteApp extends NetSuite’s capabilities with a data verification solution that allows NetSuite customers to instantly verify key contact information inside the NetSuite platform, reducing data management errors and avoiding costs and effort associated with poor data management.  The seamless integration of Data Surety SuiteApp provides NetSuite customers with a streamlined data verification process.


We won an award - but what can you learn from it?

So our BlueBridge One South African Team recently won an award for the "fastest growing NetSuite Partner in EMEA”.  It's a great achievement, the team worked hard and we are really proud.  

But that's not why we are sharing this news with you.  (Sure it's great to get some kudos, but you are busy people, running busy companies, why should you care if we win an award?  Where's the value in that for you?).


Black Friday and Christmas multichannel season off to a flying start over August Bank Holiday weekend

The Christmas multichannel sales season kicked off over the August Bank Holiday weekend with major mid-market chains such as Tesco and those at the top of the market, such as John Lewis, featuring instore and online festive themes.


New TCO calculator enables companies considering switching to Oracle NetSuite see how the numbers play out

If there’s one thing that might seem more challenging than migration to an ERP system for the first time, it’s changing from one ERP vendor to another.


5 ways for multichannel distributors to improve service inspired by Amazon

Amazon offers a lot of services, however, this is no accident and the internet giant is no accidental empire. Amazon was not a tech triumph that came about because some geek got lucky in his dad’s garage!


9 trends and 3 strategic considerations showing the way forward in distribution and multichannel

Keynote speaker R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst and CEO of Constellation Research at SuiteWorld 17 earlier this year provided some interesting insights. They highlight the need for wholesale distributors and multichannel businesses to make sure they keep up with new technology and continually review what they do and how they are doing it.


New BlueBridge One guide looks at tough questions to help wholesale distributors be more resilient in the face of disruptive change

BlueBridge One has released a new guide, ‘Disrupted trading relationships: Gain competitive advantage from disruptive change’. This is aimed at helping wholesale distribution firms to navigate the choppy waters that are brought about by disruptive events.