Archive:February 2019

There are many challenges distribution companies face, but one topic of conversation refuses to quieten down. The importance of delivering seamless online customer experiences so that the customers you have spent a small fortune trying to win, remain with you ...... and even better-become super fans. With the evergreen threat of Amazon Business (read our recent blog post here on that) showing no signs of slowing down, it is key that distribution companies of any type must become truly agile and deliver on high customer expectations (whilst keeping an eye on pricing and the bottom line).

Amazon is one step ahead of you

Being digitally led, Amazon Business is not only meeting customer requirements, but shaping them. Its speed of delivery, ease of use and efficient customer service are all contributing factors to today’s buyer expectations. It is this digital-first approach that poses a key challenge for traditional distributors attempting to compete, as Amazon is already at least one step ahead. Amazon Business is not facing the challenge of modernising its systems. Instead, it’s leading the way for the rest of the market to follow. For those distributors and manufacturers still running on-premise, disparate systems, transforming business operations to a modern, digital platform is step one to remaining competitive.